• Green Light For Auckland Unitary Plan

      2017/03/05    Auckland Unitary Plan オークランド ユニタリー プラン

    Thanks a lot for visiting Japan Homes’ Blog. (日本語訳下にあります) The most important legal challenge to Auckland Unitary Plan (AUP) has been solved. The High Court Decision In February 2017 the High Court rejected the appeals against increasing housing densities in areas covering 29,000 properties, in suburbs including Grey Lynn, Parnell, Orakei, Glendowie and Blockhouse Bay. So now the new zoning applies to these areas and the more dense housing development is allowed. Although there are still some legal challenges, we will see no possibility for major changes in AUP. New Souce: NZ Herald   Check You Property Info Regarding AUP By accessing the AUP map you can check all info about your property related to AUP. Or if you have any questions please feel free […]

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  • Rainwater Harvesting System

      2017/02/19    Auckland Unitary Plan オークランド ユニタリー プラン, Environmental Issues 環境保護, The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり

    Hi everyone, Rainwater re-use system is a very good option if you think about the environment and saving the cost for water. (日本語訳下にあります) Especially, this will be true when you live in Auckland, where lots of houses being built in higher density urban areas than before due to Auckland Unitary Plan; there is much heavier load on the existing water supply and drainage. Japan Homes provides such rainwater harvesting system when we need to install a detention/retention tank for drainage for our project. Rainwater Harvesting System You can use collected rainwater (from the roof of your house) for toilets, washing clothes, watering the garden and washing your car (not for drinking). The system consists of a underground tank with a pump, a rainwater/Mains water switch […]

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  • Six Options To Deal With A Leaky Home

      2017/01/22    Auckland Unitary Plan オークランド ユニタリー プラン, FAQ よくある質問, NZ Property NZの不動産

    Hi All Thank you for your time. (日本語訳下にあります) Recently a client asked us for advises about what he can do with his own home that has a water leaking problem that needs to be fixed by re-cladding. The current condition is: The client needs more than $170,000 for re-cladding the existing house Site Area: Around 570m2 Built in 1990s The clients wants to know what options are available for him with the current situation 6 Possible Options Japan Homes Offer To answer to the client queries Japan Homes has provided 6 different options with pros and cons as listed below. 1. Renovate the house and sell There is leaking so we don’t recommend this from our experiences.   2. Sell the property as is It […]

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  • Appeals Against Council Decisions: Auckland Unitary Plan

      2016/12/18    Auckland Unitary Plan オークランド ユニタリー プラン

    Thanks for visiting Japan Homes Blog! (日本語訳下にあります) There are a number of the appeals against the Council decision for the new Auckland Unitary Plan, meaning that not all the new rules have been determined. Appeals Against Council For example, on the official council document states that the up to 2 dwellings per residential site is permitted in Mixedhousing Urban Zone, however, this new rule has been opposed and not been determined yet. There are some other appeals against various councils decisions and many of these are being discussed at either the high court or environmental court. It seems to be like the decisions of the appeals take long time to be made, may be a year or more, no one knows at the moment. How […]

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  • Auckland Design Manual

      2016/11/28    Auckland Unitary Plan オークランド ユニタリー プラン

    Hi All, Do you know there is a very good one-stop WEB source about Auckland building/urban design? (日本語訳下にあります) It is AUCKLAND DESIGN MANUAL (ADM), provided by Auckland City Council. WHAT DOES ADM OFFER? ADM offers all aspects of professional guidance regarding designing the Auckland built environment such as new homes, residential development, infrastructure, parks, streets, etc with lots of case studies. If you are thinking to build a new home, subdivide your section or do any type of building work, this website is the place you should go first. For example of building a new home I recommend that you check “Process Guide” section for new homes that help you very easily and clearly understand how you can complete your own project step by step. The […]

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      2016/10/23    Auckland Unitary Plan オークランド ユニタリー プラン, The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり ,

    Hi all, Hope you have a great long Labour day weekend. (下面有中文的翻译)/(日本語訳下にあります)   The new Auckland Unitary Plan allows your land to be subdivided into much smaller lots than before, however, the new home design for these small lots will be completely different from those designed for the house in a standard section size (e.g 600m2). So Japan Homes is preparing more than 20 different new home plans specifically designed for small to medium size subdivided sections to make sure that people can still live comfortably in these sections. We are good at designing small but functional homes because we are from crowded Japan where there are lots of tiny little houses nicely designed!! Examples Of Japan Homes New Home Plans Here are a couple […]

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  • House Design Is The Key For Your Successful Subdivision Project

      2016/10/18    Auckland Unitary Plan オークランド ユニタリー プラン

    (English Writing is below)/(日本語訳下にあります)   今回のAUPで特筆すべてきは、 「街との融合のとれた景観」 という基準が住宅建設申請にあたり、 議論の対象になった。ということでしょう。 しかし、今の時点では、 新しい法律ということもあり、役所側含めて、 少し混乱することが予測されます。 重要な決定権をもつデザイナーの判断に 明確な基準が存在しなく、 ニュージーランド特有の 「担当官が神様」 という動きがあると聞いています。 役所側、開発申請者側、両方ともにデザイナーを擁立して 意見をぶつけ合うということで、一見いいことに見えるが、 AUP改革の最大の懸念材料と呼んでいる業界間会社が多い。 一方、今、自分たちが注力している 「全独立型、無理しない程度の分割」 というのは、時代の波にのっていると考えます。 また、その特徴は、設計、工事、ファイナンス、販売 を含めてすべてがスムーズにというのが最大の特徴と思われます。 ニュージーランドでプロジェクトを進めるうえで 重要なことは、 複雑になりえるものを除去し、 シンプルにすること。 を愚直に実践していくことが最良の方法でしょう。   A special mention Regards Auckland Unitary Plan, “The scene which matched with the town” In my point of view, that standard of building consent application became an argument target when it has been applying. However, it’s predicted that will be confused little include the government office side because it’s still a new law. There is no clear standard of designers who have right to make decision. I head about there is a New Zealand’s peculiar movement what “A person in charge is everything”. Seems better it discussed by both side(government office side and development […]

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  • New Maximum Building Coverage of Sites in Auckland Unitary Plan

      2016/10/09    Auckland Unitary Plan オークランド ユニタリー プラン

    Hi All, Thanks for visiting my blog. (下面有中文的翻译)/(日本語訳下にあります) Under the new Auckland Unitary Plan (AUP) the  maximum building coverage of private properties has became larger, if these sites are in Mixedhousing suburban, Mixedhousing urban or Terrace Housing and Apartment residential zone.   The building coverage refers to the building footprint in relation to a site area. For example, if the Max. building coverage is 35% and the area of the site that the building sits on is 500m2, the building footprint will be able to be up to 175m2 (500m2 x 35%). It normally means  that the larger the building coverage is, the larger the house you can build  your site. Max. Building Coverage in Different Residential Zone Single House: 35% Mixedhousing suburban: 40% Mixedhousing […]

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  • Biggest Opportunity For Property Subdivision!!

      2016/09/25    Auckland Unitary Plan オークランド ユニタリー プラン

    Hi All Thanks for visiting our blog!! (下面有中文的翻译)/(日本語訳下にあります)   There is a huge investment or building-new-home-for-your-own opportunity under the new Auckland Unitary Plan (AUP) coming for all the property owners in Auckland!!  No Density Control For 3 Residential Zoning If the residential zone of your property is in either: 1 Mixedhousing Urban 2 Mixedhousing Suburban 3 Terrace Housing and Appartment (You can check the zoning thorough the council online map)               There is no density control in these zones under AUP, meaning that you can have as many new homes as possible if the new home design is good enough which does not infringe the building regulations. With this “good design” the minimum area required for a subdivided lot largely still […]

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  • Alternative HIRB for Mixedhousing Suburban Zone

      2016/09/18    Auckland Unitary Plan オークランド ユニタリー プラン

    Hi All, Hope you have a great day!! (日本語の文章は下段にあります↓) (以下有中文的翻译↓) Under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP), there is new rules for Height In Relation to Boundary (HIRB). What are the HIRB heights? As a building height and location have large effects on neighbor buildings (e.g. blocking sunlight) the height and location in terms of its distance from the boundary have to be restricted (see the sketch below). These restrictions are caled HIRB. (Side View Of Residential Building)   HIRB Under PAUP Basically the below shows the HIRB for Mixedhousing Suburban zone, which is the most common type of residential zoning across Auckland. If you want to build a new simple two story home in a site in this zone, you have to keep the new building […]

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