• 2020 Subdivision Projects!

      2020/01/20    NZ Economy NZの経済について, NZ Property NZの不動産, weblog

    Hi there 2020 will be another busy year for Japan Homes Ltd as we aim to build 20+ houses this year! As Auckland is suffering house shortage, the land subdivision is quite popular these days. We have several subdivided projects which some building consents are already approved by the Auckland Council while others are in process. Please see one of our subdivision projects below. We will build 5 well-designed and functional houses at East Auckland. We have learned a lot from these subdivided projects and I believe our design team can help to bring your ideas to reality. Feel free to contact us if you want to make your property value increase significantly! 0800-00-5055 info@japanhomes.co.nz   Thanks for reading.

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  • Your House Is The Most Important Resource For Your Family 07/04/2019

      2019/04/07    Finance ファイナンス, NZ Property NZの不動産

    HI All, I am going to discuss below why long lifetime homes are financially important for you and your family. Four Reasons You Should Have Long LIfetime Home ①If your home lasts longer, you don’t have to pay just to re-build it so save a lot of money. For example, if a house only lasts 50 years it needs to be re-built every 50 years. However, if it can last for 100 years, the cost will be half if you consider long time span. This means that you and your family can save greater amount of money with a longer lifetime of building.   ②Also you can rent it out to gain stable income for a longer time period. This may become more important after […]

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  • KiwiBuild?

      2019/02/04    FAQ よくある質問, New Home 新築, NZ Property NZの不動産

      One year ago, New Zealand’s Kiwibuild program started. We have been often asked if this scheme can be applicable to client’s new home or investment projects. So this blog will explain about Kiwibuild and our advice with builder’s point of view.   What is KiwiBuild? KiwiBuild is part of the Government’s multi-billion dollar work program to deliver 100,000 new homes within the next 10 years. They will do this by working with developers to build more quality, affordable houses, and connecting them with eligible KiwiBuild buyers through a ballot process. The half of 100,000 new homes will be built in Auckland.   Are you eligible? The maximum income one person can earn is $120,000.  For a couple (or more) the eligibility criteria states $180,000.  This is […]

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  • Buy Flat Section For Your New Home 03/02/2019

      2019/02/03    Finance ファイナンス, New Home 新築, NZ Property NZの不動産

    Hi All, If you are thinking to buy a section for your new home I would strongly recommend that you search for a flat section because there could be a huge foundation cost difference between a flat and steep section. Building Foundation For A New Home On Flat Section If you build a new home on a flat section the construction cost of foundation for your new home will be relatively cheap. You can just build a rib raft concrete foundation (concrete slab) overthere and its cost for the standard sized new home could be less than $40,000 – $50,000 (excluding GST and depending on the soil condition)  . Below is the single storey new home Japan Homes recently built. We just put a rib […]

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  • Six Options To Deal With A Leaky Home

      2017/01/22    Auckland Unitary Plan オークランド ユニタリー プラン, FAQ よくある質問, NZ Property NZの不動産

    Hi All Thank you for your time. (日本語訳下にあります) Recently a client asked us for advises about what he can do with his own home that has a water leaking problem that needs to be fixed by re-cladding. The current condition is: The client needs more than $170,000 for re-cladding the existing house Site Area: Around 570m2 Built in 1990s The clients wants to know what options are available for him with the current situation 6 Possible Options Japan Homes Offer To answer to the client queries Japan Homes has provided 6 different options with pros and cons as listed below. 1. Renovate the house and sell There is leaking so we don’t recommend this from our experiences.   2. Sell the property as is It […]

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  • Bank Policy Changes in Homeloan For Investors

      2016/09/21    NZ Property NZの不動産

    Engilish Writing below/以下有中文的翻译 9月から始まった銀行の新しい規制について自分が今までに得た情報での自分の見解を書きます。あくまでも、銀行担当者の理解も入っている可能性もあるので、最終情報は各自、担当銀行に確認ください。 ・主な変更 とくにオークランドの不動産の高騰を抑えるために、自分の住宅用ではなく、賃貸用に購入する案件には頭金40%用意しないといけなくなった。これは、ニュージーランド全土で適用される。・既存賃貸へのインパクト 仮に40%の頭金を用意できるということで、新しい賃貸用を購入しようとすると、既存賃貸案件にも新規ルールが適用されるということが今回の改正で大きな部分の1つ。 例を挙げると、賃貸不動産を5件持っていて、すべて頭金30%で借りている。仮に新しく賃貸を案件を購入しようとすると、すでに持っている5件の頭金も40%になるので、不足頭金の10%X5件を用意する必要があり、多くの投資家は新規賃貸購入案件は難しくなるだろう。 ただし、新しく新規購入という動きをしなければ、既存案件に関しては、そのままの比率ということになるので、NO ACTION = NO AFFECTになる。 ・新築は優遇でないの? 新築開発を試みる場合、既存賃貸案件の融資率はどうなるのか?という疑問があるが、新築、改築に関わらず、新しい動きがある場合は、既存賃貸案件に関しては、頭金40%が適用される。 NEW OR OLD ACTION = ALL EXISTING RENTAL PROPERTY AFFECT ・借り入れ銀行が複数ある場合はどうなるのか? 自分が聞いた銀行担当者はその場合、既存の賃貸物件に影響はないだろうという見解だった。あくまでも、同一銀行のみの話になる。そのため、賃貸案件で融資を受けている銀行では新しいアクションはせずに、違う銀行でアクションすれば既存賃貸に影響はない。 ただし、含み益を活用しての再投資が難しいので、実際に現金での頭金の用意が必要となり、大きな抜け道にはならないだろう。 ・自分の今回の改正に対する考え 色々なデータで扱われているように、海外投資家の割合は10%以下というデータがある。そのため、オークランドの不動産バブルは、複数の賃貸案件を持つオークランド在住の投資家によって形成されている。と言っても過言ではない。 また、その多くは、現存の所有不動産の値上がり分を含み益として、再投資しているために、多くの現金を所有しているという構図ではない。そうなると、その部分にメスをいれる今回の銀行法改正は、不動産価格の根本的な沈静化につながると期待している。 その一方で、しっかり新築開発やFIRST HOME BUYERへ優遇措置をしている法律制度改正の速さや的確さに感心する。 This is my opinion in the information about the new homeloan policy of New Zealand banks which began in September so far. It might included a banker’s point of view . Please confirm the latest information with your banker if you want to make sure of this info. What’s been changed? Home buyers have to prepare 40% deposit for homeloan to buy a property if this is for investment purpose to restrict the remarkable rise in the real estates market in Auckland in particular. This is applied in the whole New Zealand. Impact to existing Rent […]

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