• Auckland Home Show 2019 14/09/2019

      2019/09/14    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi All,   As I reported in the previous post we have joined Auckland Home Show 2019. We basically join the home show ever year and in this year it run between Wednesday 4 September to Sunday 8 September. Some Home Show photos below. And our booth. At first it was a little quiet on Wednesday and Thursday. However, from Friday afternoon there were gradually more and more visitors there and many people begun to visit our booth too. Many visitors told us their interest in medium to small sized new homes and asked if we could provide these for them. Their interest is totally understandable considering very high prices of properties in Auckland. We had an impression that many people are looking for affordable […]

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  • Finishing Items 29/06/2019

      2019/06/29    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi there,   In Japan, finishing items (bathware, electric fixtures, appliance, floor coverings, etc.) are normally decided on product catalogs. However, Products in New Zealand often become out of stock so using catalogs to decide items are quite difficult. I think that the reason is that the market is too small in NZ. We do not want to keep stock because of aiming at the method of “just-in-time of Toyota” so need to use our brain to get the best timing to get these items. Of course, you can pay a bond to a supplier to keep stock, but Due to problems with the supplier’s internal system, other customers sometimes purchase them first and eventually there will be no stock. At the moment we need […]

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  • Ability Required By Project Manager 01/06/2019

      2019/06/01    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    HI All,   Most important ability required for Project Management is to plan the whole construction project = ability for work preparation. It is to plan the project without any type of waste (time, money, resources, etc.) and troubles. A project manager needs to understand needs and wants of all relevant parties including clients, the head contractor, SUBs, Neighbors, property Buyers. After all, if some part of the project is planned unreasonably the project will be eventually delayed or get stack. Also it is important to understand the whole picture of supply chains. Major important works needs to be done by a Project Manager Develop a detailed project plan with some schedule allowance Assign a right job to a right person Prepare a backup plan […]

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  • Importance Of House Maintenance 11/05/2019

      2019/05/11    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi there,   Maintenance is critically important if you want your home to have long life and keep its property value. (Please refer to the previous post describing the importance to have a long life home) For Example, Houryu Ji temple, which was built in Nara, Japan around 1400 years ago and is the oldest timber building in the world, is still standing in good condition because of regular high levels of maintenance. (Houryu Ji) We always try to establish a long term relationship with our clients, whom we have built homes for, after construction because good home maintenance can only be done in good collaboration between the home owners and builders like us . Japan Homes After Construction Services For quality assurance we normally […]

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  • Landscape Ideas 05/05/2019

      2019/05/05    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi all,   Thanks for your time. Landscape design is one of the most important parts of new home build but sometimes it is hard for owners to decide the design because what landscape elements they can choose and their costs are often not very clear to them. So Japan Homes developed our summary of these elements including Japanese Garden options as below. Japan Homes Landscape Ideas Here are some examples: Fence Japanese Garden   Other Now our clients can just pick up what you prefer from these lists and we can provide Landscape Plan suitable for their new home. Simple and easy process. Landscape Plan Format of our Landscape Plan varies as per each individual project.   Note: prices are only estimated costs in […]

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  • Business is similar to Team Sports 27/04/2019

      2019/04/27    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi Everyone,   I guess that people who have good results in team sports also can get good results in business. In a business management perspective view, team sports is so similar that a director lets players with various talents and characters concentrate on one outcome. There is a saying from Katsuya Nomura, the Japanese legend professional beaseball head coach, that “There is a win without any reasons but there is no defeat without any reasons” There is always a reason that you have lost in business world too so If you are not aware of it and do not train yourself you will not be a successful business person.   (Katsuya Nomura) Also, when comparing sports and work, Most people do not understand the […]

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  • Your Peace Of Mind Is Most Important 30/03/2019

      2019/03/30    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi All, I have summarised here common causes of people’s stress during their new construction project: Delay In Schedule Unexpected Extra Costs Not Smooth Communication with Contractors & Consultants No After Sales Services Designer and/or Consultant’s Inefficacy in Planning, Problem Solving and Project Management In some cases it seems to me that people pay a lot of money for a highly stress project due to these hassles. First Priority Is Your Peace Of Mind If you decide on a high-priced project, first of all, I think it is good to consider the priority of your peace of mind. Many people pursue the cheapest option for their new home build but this often causes lots of stress on you so just be careful. For example, some people […]

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  • Meaning of Construction Company 02/03/2019

      2019/03/06    The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり, What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi all, A while ago the Master Builder Association (MBA), which I am a member of, asked me for my feedback to improve their business and activity. My reply was that although they provide highly attractive and promoting events such as The House Of The Year they should use more of their resources for people to have more trust and feel more secure in them and their members like us. I have heard of a few builders have gone bankrupt which may harm trust and security from people. My idea is that MBA should create the evaluation system that can visualize how secure is each builder company so that potential customers can easily see if a particular builder could be trusted or not. We Japan […]

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  • Inspections

      2019/03/03    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi all, It has been a while since I last updated this blog. I have gathered some interesting facts and ideas for on-site management and what it is like working under less supervision. Today I want to talk about inspections (Japan Homes inspection, owners inspection and city council inspection) Japan Homes inspection is where our site managers mark out the kitchen and bathware locations and to check if all pre-line work is correct in terms of construction and design. For our team and owner to visualize finishing positions and make adjustments where needed. Owner inspection normally takes place before pre-line inspection when electrician starts wiring the property, where all switches and power points are at ideal places and whether the owner wants to add extra […]

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  • Scores For My Personal Goal Acheivements For 2018 16/12/2018

      2018/12/16    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi All, I am going to score how much I have achieved my one-year personal goals set in the begging of this year as below: Fast Work Help People Around Me Work At Ease Complete Whole Projects From First Meeting With Clients To Completion Of Construction Without Mickey’s (Company Director) Help Gain More Respects From SUBs For Smooth Work Make People & Animals Around Me Happy Get Designer LBP   Scores 1. Fast Work: 60/100 I think I have improved in some area such as quicker response to email than last year and I quickly draw plans for my clients. I also have created several checklists including Building Consent Plans Lodgement checklist that helps me find errors in the plans to reduce the amount of […]

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