• New home completion

      2020/07/24    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi We completed another new house in north Auckland this month. This is a well designed two-storey house with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Please have a look: Exterior Kitchen Living Room Bedroom Bathroom Staircase Garden   Japan Homes do design and build, if you are interested, feel free to call 0800 00 5055.  Thanks for reading.

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  • Project completion

      2020/06/18    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi All We finished a stunning Two Storey New Home construction at East Auckland this month, and passed council final inspection at one time. Please have a look at below photos of the new home. Exterior Kitchen Living Room Bedroom   Bathroom Staircase Garden   The house was designed and built by Japan Homes Ltd, if you are interested in our design and build package, feel free to call 0800 00 5055  Thanks for reading.

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  • Japan Homes General System Meeting 2

      2020/04/24    The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり, What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi All I hope you are doing ok. We had another Japan Homes general system meeting this week. This time, we talked about Action plan which contains below 8 items. This is another Japan Homes work system that will help all the staff to improve and get better. Cheerful Greeting Nice & tidy Do basic Thank all advice Copy first Keep promise Think others All positive I believe people can understand most of these. In this article, I will focus on Top3 items. Cheerful greeting Cheerful greeting not only means you smile and say hello to your colleagues or everyone you meet. More importantly, it represents a positive attitude. We believe your attitude determines the state of the world you live in.   Nice & […]

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  • Japan Homes General System Meeting

      2020/04/17    The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり, What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi All As the lockdown continues, we had a good online meeting today. This is also a study meeting for new staff to understand our company policy and to increase their levels of skill and knowledge. Company director Mickey introduced 5S principle, which is also known as Toyota system Workplace Golden Rule. 1. Sort out Remove unnecessary items from each area 2. Straighten (set in order) Organize and identify storage for efficient use 3. Scrub (clean) Clean and inspect each area regularly 4. Standardize Incorporate 5S into standard operating procedures 5. Sustain and continuously improvement Assign responsibility, track progress, and continue the cycle   5S is important for everyone and will save big time and cost if everyone can follow this principle.   Another Japanese […]

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  • Japan Homes Bathroom Plans

      2020/04/14    Interior Design インテリアデザイン, The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり, What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi there During the lockdown period, all Japan Homes team members are working at home. This is a good time for us to have online meetings and discuss how we can improve the way we work. For those who are familiar with Japan Homes may already know, we will provide bathroom plans for each project. We believe the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, a fully functional and beautiful bathroom can greatly improve your home’s overall appeal and value. The main propose of the bath plan is to show the clients about bathroom items( vanity, shower box ext)location so that clients will have a clear picture of what the bathroom will be. Also, the bath plans help subcontractors to understand […]

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  • How clients feel about Japan Homes

      2020/04/07    The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり, What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi  All In the past few years, Japan Homes has built many houses for Auckland families. Please have a look at the below video from our clients,  we have built a well-designed and functional house for this lovely couple last year. Clients shared their experience with Japan Homes in this video, we are so pleased to hear from clients that they are satisfied with the design and building quality. Also, They were impressed by the hardworking attitude of Japan Homes. We always try to make customers feel welcome and valued. And be honesty to customers throughout the whole project. Happy client, Happy us! Thanks for reading, take care.

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  • Kaizen-Japan Homes Company Culture

      2020/04/02    The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり, What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi All Hope you are safe and sound. Today is day 8 of the COVID-19 lockdown and all of Japan Homes members are working at home. I will introduce kaizen, also known as Continuous Improvement system, which has been one of the key points of Japan Homes company culture. Normally Kaizen approach can use the PDCA Cycle- Plan Do Check Act.  These are the four steps you should take to improve yourself in the Kaizen way.   Plan At this stage, people will start to plan what needs to be improved. Identify the problem and Identify needs and opportunities come up with possible solutions Set expectations Define your basic plan to meet the needs Do Once the plan is decided, it is time to take action. […]

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  • Auckland Home Show 2019 14/09/2019

      2019/09/14    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi All,   As I reported in the previous post we have joined Auckland Home Show 2019. We basically join the home show ever year and in this year it run between Wednesday 4 September to Sunday 8 September. Some Home Show photos below. And our booth. At first it was a little quiet on Wednesday and Thursday. However, from Friday afternoon there were gradually more and more visitors there and many people begun to visit our booth too. Many visitors told us their interest in medium to small sized new homes and asked if we could provide these for them. Their interest is totally understandable considering very high prices of properties in Auckland. We had an impression that many people are looking for affordable […]

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  • Finishing Items 29/06/2019

      2019/06/29    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi there,   In Japan, finishing items (bathware, electric fixtures, appliance, floor coverings, etc.) are normally decided on product catalogs. However, Products in New Zealand often become out of stock so using catalogs to decide items are quite difficult. I think that the reason is that the market is too small in NZ. We do not want to keep stock because of aiming at the method of “just-in-time of Toyota” so need to use our brain to get the best timing to get these items. Of course, you can pay a bond to a supplier to keep stock, but Due to problems with the supplier’s internal system, other customers sometimes purchase them first and eventually there will be no stock. At the moment we need […]

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  • Ability Required By Project Manager 01/06/2019

      2019/06/01    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    HI All,   Most important ability required for Project Management is to plan the whole construction project = ability for work preparation. It is to plan the project without any type of waste (time, money, resources, etc.) and troubles. A project manager needs to understand needs and wants of all relevant parties including clients, the head contractor, SUBs, Neighbors, property Buyers. After all, if some part of the project is planned unreasonably the project will be eventually delayed or get stack. Also it is important to understand the whole picture of supply chains. Major important works needs to be done by a Project Manager Develop a detailed project plan with some schedule allowance Assign a right job to a right person Prepare a backup plan […]

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