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  • Reason Why More And More Small Houses Going To Be Built

      2017/12/03    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi All, (日本語訳下にあります) What I felt when I came to New Zealand 15 years ago was that Unlike Japan, roads, houses and lands are so large that it seemed to be lots of waste. However, it has been a change in urban living environment in Auckland since then. The Reason More And More Small Houses Being Built There are more and more houses being developed that have these design characters: Narrow in Width but long in Length Narrow yards Focusing more on functionality than looks Narrow space between neighbor houses These are similar to those design characters found in Japanese homes. This change may be due to a lot of immigrants and international funds flowing into New Zealand. As a result, building cost and property prices […]

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  • If Ochiai Was The Director Of A Construction Company

      2017/06/11    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi there, I think that work is the same as sports. First we decide to climb up mountains, and have passion and spirit against it. This is the sports that I enjoy with my team of people around me now. This group of people is a company, the team manager is a company director and employees are the athletes. (日本語訳下にあります) With this idea I tried to transform the great Japanese baseball player Ochiai’s sayings into the words that well describe the policy of my work. My Remarks On Work With Reference To Ochiai “A person with low ambitions can have only lower achievements” This is my favorite word of his. A person who easily accepts the results that he does not want never becomes the best […]

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  • Difference Between Japanese And NZ Houses Part 2

      2017/05/21    New Home 新築, What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi all, After entering the school and apprenticeship period, with my knowledge and feeling involved in New Zealand architecture for a total of 13 years, I thought about New Zealanders’ attitude toward home design. (日本語訳下にあります) New Zealand Housing Situation In the past 30 years, the house price doubled every ten years. In the latest years, it has doubled only for about 3 – 4 years. Even if houses become old, if they are nicely renovated, their property value will not decrease. Rather, there are many people who like old houses and appreciate their age and value. Property prices go up due to New Zealand as a diversified investment destination from the world and that this country attracts wealthy people for their children’s study abroad destination. The […]

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  • Difference Between Japanese And NZ Houses Part 1

      2017/05/07    New Home 新築, What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi all, (日本語訳下にあります) After entering the builder school and apprenticeship period I have been involved in New Zealand building industry for 13 years in total. I often see the difference in a point of view on New Zealand houses from Japanese designers like us, and from New Zealanders and the Chinese so would like to write down here a little about this topic. Design Discussion With Customers Customers who inquire to Japan Homes often think that “The Japanese do a good job” or “Japanese have good ideas” ,etc. However, when we propose some ideas they sometimes do not quite like these and even propose a different idea that we professionals cannot provide because we know much about the design theory and often hard to get out […]

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      2017/04/23    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi there, I have visited the Hamilton Gardens during Easter Holiday, which is a spiritual place for me, especially the Japanese garden. (日本語訳下にあります) What I Felt In Japanese Garden On the visit of the Gardens I looked thorough the Italian and Indian garden and finally reached the Japanese garden where I felt something special, like feeling the universe. When I was looking at the Japanese garden from inside the garden house with the low-hang eaves I understood the concept of the Japanese garden which the garden is a part of the universe. (Japanese Garden in Hamilton Gardens) (Looking the Japanese Garden from inside the garden house) It is like seeing the outside world from within the tiny self. Compared to the whole universe myself is […]

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  • Japan Homes in 2016

      2017/04/12    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Thanks for visiting our blog. (日本語訳下にあります) Japan Homes did the first internal meeting in 2017 – 2018 financial year. In regards to last year business, each company staff expressed their impressions and comments on everything related to this company And talked about the objectives of 2017 etc. It was a good meeting. We discussed the following topics that how we provided our comfortable and affordable homes to our clients. Human Resources I think that all of our company staff are good people. After 10 years of management, what I have noticed is that, even if you do not have a lot of work experience but are “honest, serious, faithful to the basic principles” and can work in this way everyday you will be able to provide […]

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  • 2017 New Year Greeting

      2017/01/01    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    END OF FIRST DECADES OF JAPAN HOMES (日本語訳下にあります) In Auckland in the last year there was movement in various ways, such as the Prime Minister’s resignation at the end of the fiscal year, real estate prices were rising remarkably from the first half, the government has taken measures from October to enforce laws to restrict financing for investors who own multiple properties, and the Auckland Unitary Plan = AUP has become operative. For Japan Homes, it came to the ten-year milestone including personal management period of time. Ten years ago, there was no Japanese construction company to rely on, and it was only thanks to my family, customers, and SUB who really supported me, that I could continue building our business from zero for ten […]

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  • The House Of The Year Awards In MOTAT

      2016/08/14    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi All, (日本語の文章は下段にあります↓) We recently attended Master Builders’ House OF The Year Award Ceremony. This is for Registered Master Builders who have entered their work for the awards. Japan Homes’ Entry for this year is our showhome at 31A Atkinson Ave Papatote. The party was huge and exciting!! We enjoyed the dinner, ceremony and exhibition so much!! Many builders got the several types of awards for their work. Unfortunately, we missed the award for this year but we determined to get the renovation and/or new home awards next year. Our symbol character Japa-Ho Kun also tried to join the party. But for some reason such as not wearing a tie, etc. he could not enter. He was dissapointed…. Our showhome is on Master Builders House […]

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  • Miracle Encounter Happens 奇跡の出会い

      2016/07/31    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

     I have felt the beauty of meeting people in the last week. When struggling I somehow suddenly meet a person unexpectedly.   Getting A Great Builder When I am looking for a builder urgently because there is no one availale but the work is to be done quickly, I asked a painter who came to a site for quating if he knew any builder. And he said his brother is actually a builder and available from next day!! This builder is actually very good, came to the site on time and done the work properly. He seems to be reliable and I would like let him to do some small builder work next time. Lucky 1   Getting Great Labours Next episode. We needed lavours […]

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  • Cerebrating Project Completion

      2016/07/31    The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり, What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi All, Thanks for visiting my blog today. (日本語の文章は下段にあります↓)   To celebrate the completion of our renovation project, we had an exiting party last night at the Japanese Restaurant BOWZ in Epsom. Party To Celebrate Project Completion We invited the owner of the property and our subcontractors who worked very hard to complete this project to the Japanese Restaurant BOWZ. Through this project we experienced many things including dealing with the council, waterproofing problems with the front deck, structural change and many more. But Japan homes has great subs who really work hard together in harmony to finish each stage of construction for our client, who is also very helpful so we finally mange to complete the whole project satisfactory for everyone.   We had delicious […]

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