• Kitchen Renovation!!

      2015/12/06    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi Aucklanders!! How is your beautiful weekend going in Auckland? Today New Zealand has a beautiful weather that makes our weekend so nice!!   Today I am going to talk about Happy Kitchen Renovation!! Kitchen is one of the most important part of your home as it is often used everyday to prepare meals, make drinks and wash dishes. So actually the kitchen performance largely affects your family’s life at home. For example, if the kitchen is not very functional and does not reflect your needs you feel distress and waste time for cooking everyday….. However, once you have a beautiful, comfortable and functional kitchen, you home life may dramatically change!! You can enjoy cooking everyday!!! Also your family likes to use the kitchen therefore […]

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  • Japanese Style Home Part 2!!

      2015/11/29    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Good afternoon guys!!! I have a happy, lucky and wonderful weekend!!! How about you? This post here is to continue to introduce the Japanese style homes that we are thinking to provide for people in Auckland and New Zealand. Please give me any comments on this blog if you are interested in the Japanese style homes, renovations or anything that you would like to say. I am a Japanese designer and may be able to help you if you have any questions related to these.   Here I introduce other features of Japanese home design. The Design Feature 3: Strong connection of Interior and Exterior We Japanese traditionally liked the living environment with strong connection with the outside. Due to the post and beam structure […]

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  • Japanese Style Home!!

      2015/11/27    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi Everyone!! Thanks for visiting my blog this time!!! I really hope you guys have a wonderful day!!   As we are Japanese builders we are thinking to design a Modern Japanese Style Home for those who know how comfortable and beautiful these homes are. It is very interesting that both Japanese and New Zealanders love timber houses so I think you may like the Japanese home as well. However, it is also interesting that the concept of the design in Japanese homes is very different from  NZ.   The Design Feature 1: Post & Beam Structure For example, in Japan the structure of the house is mainly supported by posts and beams while in NZ the structure is supported by the wall which consists […]

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  • Our Show home and Its Japanese Garden in Papatoetoe Part 2

      2015/11/22    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hello everyone!! How is your sunday going? Today I have had spectacular soft ball matches with other 4 opponents in Howick!! Out teams lost the first two games but won the last two game as we somehow got so many points from these teams!! I am so lucky and happy that I enjoyed plying these games and won twice!! Now I am going to talk about my plan for Japan Homes Show Home at 31 Atkinson, Papatoetoe, South of Auckland. As we are a Japanese company we are going to create a Japanese garden for the exterior of the show home in the area other than the large deck (the photo below) Here is my plan of the garden In the plan the stone paving […]

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  • Our Show home and Its Japanese Garden in Papatoetoe

      2015/11/19    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hello everyone!!   Hope you guys have and lucky moments everyday!!   We have a newly built 60m2 show home at 31 Atkinson, Papatoetoe, South of Aukcland where anyone can come have a look at the quality of our design and building work. The size and room layout of this small home is the same as that of a minor dwelling unit, so if you are interested in building a minor unit at your property, this will be the best opportunity for you to see how your new building looks like!! For those who want to build a standard new home it is also great chance to see how your home looks except the size. So please come have a look if you are interested!! […]

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  • Japan Homes at Northshore Home and Garden Show!!!

      2015/11/15    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hello All!! How’s your weekend going? Hope you have a lucky, happy and lovely day today!!!   I am Amazon, a draftsman working for Japan Homes Limited, which is a home build & design company in Auckland. Our company’s aim is to provide comfortable and affordable living for Aucklanders. I begin this blog to share my happy, interesting and funny everyday experiences regarding work from my point of view of home design.   Today, there is a home show in Glenfield, Northshore, called “Northshore Home and Garden Show” and we are exhibiting some interesting displays. There are many companies exhibiting very interesting things in home, garden and other field so please come enjoy the show whole day!! Northshore Home&Garden Show Here is our booth!! If you are planning […]

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  • A wedding speech for my staff – 従業員へ送る、結婚式スピーチ

      2015/09/19    The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり, What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    A wedding speech in midst of nervousness. Although this is not related to Building, I do want to introduce you my favourite words for my precious staff.   He has been my staff in the company for a few months and works well, so I feel comfortable working with him. His hometown in Japan is close to mine, and what we meet and work together in NZ makes me think there is something connected between us. I want to do more fun things with him in the future.   Now I am going to share my best favourite proposal today. This is a phrase that is used in a very famous Japanese movie. Unfortunately I haven’t used these words…. The proposal is like this. “Marry […]

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  • Effects of the shortage of builders – ビルダー不足が与える影響

      2015/08/13    The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり, What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    I read this news the other day. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11459438 Between 25 and 40 per cent of all building inspections continue to fail. We need 1000 building consents per month over the 10 years but 912 this month, which didn’t reach to the set point. Also the article points out that the factors why NZ Building development for new builds hasn’t advanced are lack of securing skilled staff resources in addition to rise of building materials and short supply. Viewing from the standpoint as a worker at building sites, I really agree this. For me, also it is difficult to secure good contractors. The reason is that nowadays if they say ‘I am a carpenter’ or ‘I am a tiler’, it tends to get works easily so […]

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  • 過去の暗い事件の中の住宅購入者

      2014/07/22    NZ Property NZの不動産, What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    House buyers in dark over past 過去の暗い事件の中の住宅購入者 「暗く、悲しみに溢れた、憂鬱な」オークランドの住宅を売却したカップルは、その不動産で自殺があったという事実を知らなかったことに対して、その購入に関連した不動産エージェントに賠償金を求めたが結局失敗に終わった。 不動産エージェントの懲戒裁判所はComplaints Assessment Committee (CAC)による、Barfoot & Thompsonはその顧客に対して死の事実を伝えるべきであったが、損害賠償に対しては却下するという判決を下した。 Richard Campbell氏とその妻Evetteは裁判所に対して、もしその不動産のガレージで1年前に自殺があったことを知っていれば、購入などしていなかったと述べた。住宅を購入した5か月後に彼らは再び市場に売り出しをかけた。 Barfoot社によると、その不動産での自殺に関する情報をマーケティング資料に記載しなかったことにはいくつかの理由があると裁判所に述べた。そしてその理由として、その事実が前住人の個人的な情報であるということと、またそれが不動産のコンディションに全く関連性のないものだということを挙げた。 裁判所は、多くの購入者はその不動産で起こった「悲しい出来事」に特に気にもかけないだろうと述べ、またその一方で、人々の中にはそれをスピリチュアル的な問題だとし快適に思わない人もいることも確かだと言う。しかし決断によると、こういった状況は「善悪の判断が曖昧なもの」であり、それぞれケースごとに取り扱われるべきであるとした。Barfoot社は、「裁判所がこれに対して絶対的な判決を下してくれることを願っていたが、結局はそうならなかった。」と述べている。 Rules for real estate agents *A licensee must disclose any known faults on the property.  (免許所有者は不動産における如何なる既知の落ち度に関して公表する義務がある。) *There has been a greater onus for the licensee to disclose potential issues – such as a development project that could affect the value of the property. (免許所有者は不動産において起こり得る問題を公表する義務がある。例えば、その不動産の価値に影響する開発プロジェクトに関して等) *Suicides and homicides fall into a grey area where in fairness they should be disclosed.  不動産での自殺や殺人事件は善悪の判断が曖昧なものであり、それぞれのケースの公平さに基づいて公表されるべきである。 *Timing is also a factor – a death a year ago would be more relevant to a buyer than a death a decade ago. 時期も一つの要因である。1年前に起こった不動産での死は10年前に起こったそれよりも、購入者に対してははるかに関連性の高いものである。   http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11270795 筆者見解> ニュージーランド最大手のB&T社が1年前の自殺を伝えなくても良い規制とはいったいどうなんだろうか?いつも大手は補償的なものがあるので安心だからと言われるが、全くないのではないだろうかと思う。 最近購入した物件でも、温水器が故障していても、長引くだけで良い事が無いと言われる。B&Tはなんのための、業界最大手なのだろうか?何のための高いコミッションなのだろうか?と思う。 また、売り買いをこなしている立場では、本当に同じ人でも売る時と買う時でまったく違う意見を言っているのが面白い。 建築業界もそうだが、国をあげてLEAKY HOUSEを作りまくって、その反動で今度は不必要な免許や罰則を増やしいたずらに複雑性やコストを上げている矛盾がある。また、LEAKY HOUSEの材料を作っていた会社がいまだに残って利益を上げている。 観光を含めて、ニュージーランドはPURE100%と言っているくらいなので不動産業界、最大手の人間を少しでもPUREに近づけた方がいいのではないかと思う。

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