• Happy Lunar New Year

      2021/02/09    Event イベント, New Home 新築, Site Work Progress 工事進捗

    Hi All 2021 Chinese New Year is approaching. Welcome to the Year of the Ox. Did you know we have 3 members of Ox in Japan Homes? Guess who…   2021 Japan Homes Projects This year will be another busy year for Japan Homes. We will have several attached units projects in Auckland. Below is a six units project in central Auckland. We are at the foundation stage and aim to complete this project this year. https://www.for-sale-690mtalbert.com/     Another seven well-designed houses will be built at East Auckland. We have started foundation work for four of the houses. It’s close to Sylvia Park shopping mall, and perhaps many people have seen our signage and construction site. https://www.for-sale-waipuna7.com/   There is a five attach units […]

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  • Japan Day 2020

      2020/02/17    Event イベント

    Hi All   We have joined this year’s Japan Day on 9th Feb 2020. Japan Day is New Zealand’s biggest Japanese festival and always attract a great number of people. Many people visited our booth this year and talked to us about land subdivision, which also reflects that Auckland is still suffering house shortage. And many people were interested in affordable small to medium size house. We have tried our best to answer visitors enquires and provide our professional opinions. Japan Day event is also a good opportunity for us to talk to the clients face to face and show them our positive attitude and passion for our work. By the way, our company character,  Ho Kun showed up as well and soon get surrounded by […]

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  • Auckland Home Show 2019!! 25/08/2019

      2019/08/25    Event イベント

    Hi all,   Big news!! We Japan Homes is going to join Auckland Home Show on 4-8 September (Wednesday to Sunday) at ASB Showgrounds in Greenlane Auckland !(^^)! !(^^)! !(^^)!   Japan Homes Free Consultation We are going to have our own booth in the event center and provide free consultation about Land Development (Subdivision), New Home Design & Build for First Home Buyers, Landscaping, Renovation, Extension, Kitchen & Bath Renovation, and anything else related to building services. Please come visit and have a chat with us. We love to hear from you about your dream project, any bothering building-related issues and anything that you have in your mind. See you then!!!   Auckland Home Show The iconic Auckland Home Show is one of the biggest home […]

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  • Japan Day 10/03/2019

      2019/03/10    Event イベント

    Hi Everyone, As we did for the previous years Japan Homes has joined Japan Day this year and very much enjoyed talking to visitors to our booth.   Japan Day 2019 Japan Day 2019 happened at Eden Park in Auckland with a great amount of visitors and many exciting events went on. Our booth also welcomed a number of visitors and discussed their future new home projects. For this year most of the enquiries were about subdivision + new homes which I think reflects the housing trend that the city demands many more new homes to deal with increased population. Because we are the Japanese we are good at designing and building functional & cost-effective medium to small residential units on limited sized sections so […]

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  • Japan Day Tomorrow! 02/03/2019

      2019/03/02    Event イベント

    New Zealand’s biggest annual Japanese festival JAPAN DAY 2019 at Eden Park tomorrow! Date : Sunday 3rd March 2019 Time : 10:00  – 18:00 Venue : Eden Park (near Kingsland Train Station) Auckland, New Zealand   JAPAN HOMES in JAPAN DAY 2019!    FREE CONSULTATION! We will have a booth at the Sponsor area. Let’s talk about your home with us! It is a free event and there are lots of fun events and many Japanese foods to enjoy with your family and friends.   Mickey ↓ Watch this video on YouTube.  

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  • Master Builder Study Meeting

      2018/09/09    Event イベント

    I recently participated in a study meeting of MASTER BUILDER held at ALEXANDRA PARK. (日本語訳下にあります) The NZ government has changed, but the problem of housing shortage still remains and a question was raised on how to solve this problem in the future. The issues include: Land availability for housing development Finance for home buyers Processing Council Consent Applications (too slow) Infrastructure For Housing Development Skill shortage In order to deal with these issues the government supports “Kiwibuild” programme which aims to enhance: Skill training Immigration Recruiting Finance support for home buyers We Japan Homes also would do something to improve the current housing situation.   By the way, the number of applications for building consent has increased by 75% over the past five years. Also, […]

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  • South Auckland Home Show!!

      2018/06/30    Event イベント

    Hi All, We have joined the South Auckland Home Show in June 2018 which was a very nice opportunity to talk to people about their dream homes!! (日本語訳下にあります) South Auckland Home Show This happened at Vodafone Event Centre in Manukau as a home show and we had our own booth then. Although our booth looked simple many people visited us. I felt that there were a lot of visitors who were thinking to build their own home and looking for trusted builders. We had a total of 7 new enquiries from visitors. Many of these are about building a new home. Within a couple of days after the event ended,  we already had a meeting with most of these clients, and we proposed our new […]

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  • Japan Day 2018 02/03/2018

      2018/03/02    Event イベント, What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Japan Homes had our own booth at Japan Day 2018 at CLOUD in the city. (日本語訳下にあります) We support this event every year for lots of people in Auckland to be familiar with our culture. There were a number of customers who visited us at our booth and we consulted with them about what they want to do regarding their home. (me at Japan Homes’ booth) I just list up here the types of topic that these customers consulted:  Want to build a new home at my own land  Want to find a house&land package for investment  Want to renovate my bathroom or kitchen  Want to do landscape for my garden such as Japanese garden Due to the Auckland Unitary Plan that allows the existing land […]

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  • We’ll Join North Shore Home & Garden Show on March 9-11 01/03/2018

      2018/03/01    Event イベント

    Hi all, Big news!! We Japan Homes is going join North Shore Home & Garden Show on 9-11 March (Friday to Sunday) at Northshore Events Centre !(^^)! !(^^)! !(^^)!!!! (日本語訳下にあります) (下面有中文的翻译) North Shore Home & Garden Show is packed with all the ideas and information that you need to transform your surroundings into the place you’ve always dreamed of. Be thrilled by the variety, amazed by the innovations and impressed by the expert advice. We Japan Homes are going to have our own booth and provide free consultation about Land Development (Subdivision), New Home Design & Build for First Home Buyers, Landscaping, renovation, extension, kitchen & Bath renovation, and anything else related to building services!! Please come along and see us at North Shore Home & Garden Show!!   Venue: Northshore Events […]

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  • Thank You Party Vol.2

      2017/10/14    Event イベント

    Hi there, We had a thank-you party for our clients who at BOWZ an excellent Japanese Teppan-Yaki restaurant. (日本語訳下にあります) Thank-You Party We congratulate two different owners for their project completion in Northshore. For one owner we have built a minor unit and for the other owner we built a minor unit as well as did renovation of their main house. For both project we sometimes faced difficult situation during construction but these clients understood our situation and helped us a lot to solve these problems. They are just amazing people!! So we had a thank-you party for them.   This party is also for our contractors. They are great guys and really worked hard for our clients. Without their skills and good heart we could […]

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