• Japan Homes Bathroom Plans

      2020/04/14    Interior Design インテリアデザイン, The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり, What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi there During the lockdown period, all Japan Homes team members are working at home. This is a good time for us to have online meetings and discuss how we can improve the way we work. For those who are familiar with Japan Homes may already know, we will provide bathroom plans for each project. We believe the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, a fully functional and beautiful bathroom can greatly improve your home’s overall appeal and value. The main propose of the bath plan is to show the clients about bathroom items( vanity, shower box ext)location so that clients will have a clear picture of what the bathroom will be. Also, the bath plans help subcontractors to understand […]

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  • Electric Plans 24/03/2019

      2019/03/24    Interior Design インテリアデザイン

    Hi Everyone, For each construction project we provide Electric Plans to share the same info between Japan Homes, SUBs and Owner. Japan Homes Electric Plans Here are the examples of Elec Plans. We provide these types of plans for our clients as well as for our electrician to check electrical fixture positions before actual site work begins. These plans help us make sure that all fixtures are at adequate and owner-preferred positions. Electrical Selections At the same time our clients are also asked to decide what electrical items they want. They can check our selections of elec items on Buildertrend, an online project management software, and decide their choices. All info are in Buildetrend so it is easy for our clients to check and decide […]

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      2018/03/28    Interior Design インテリアデザイン, Kitchen キッチン, Renovation 改装

    Wanting A New Kitchen & Bathroom? (日本語訳下にあります) When you are thinking about renovation or new home, I guess these are the most exciting points. Open kitchen or traditional kitchen? Wider and modern bathroom that you can feel comfortable to use everyday? Japan Homes set our “Standard” with the 10-year construction knowledge and good relationships with our suppliers, adding the current trends. Especially for kitchens and bathrooms, we put our best efforts to design beautiful and functional layouts and select polished quality items. To show our precious customers how the standard actually look like, we gathered the collections.   The main colors are White & White, Grey and White & Black which are always popular so won’t be obsolesced. As an accent color, wood materials can […]

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  • Kotatsu: The Way The Japanese Stay Warm in Winter

      2017/11/26    Interior Design インテリアデザイン, Others その他

    Hi All, Today I am going to describe one of the most loved furniture in Japan in the winter season – KOTATSU. We love Kotastu because it is so warm and comfortable that once we put our legs inside it we cannot leave again!! (日本語訳下にあります) (下面有中文的翻译) Kotatsu The kotatsu consists of a blanket placed between a low table-frame and table-top, with a heat source placed underneath the blanket. With your legs placed under the blanket, someone wearing traditional Japanese clothing would have warm air come through the bottom of their robes and exit around the neck, heating the whole body. (Traditional Hori Gotatsu) By the 17th century, irori (a Japanese traditional fire place) dug into the ground under the floor, called hori-gotatsu, resembled a fixed […]

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  • Japan Homes Standard Specifications

      2017/10/07    Interior Design インテリアデザイン, Kitchen キッチン, The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり

    Hi there, We have updated our standard specifications for our home build and now you can check these on our website. (日本語訳下にあります) Today I would like to tell you how is our specs different from most construction companies’ specs in NZ. Japan Homes Standard Specifications Point 1: We Provide Best Finishing and Fixtures From Our 12-Year Experience For years we have researched what are the best fittings and finishing details for our clients home in term of their quality, functionality, cost, work and installation time, availability, warranty and impact on the environment, and finally confirmed our best selections in 2017.   Point 2: We Provide Japanese Style Interior For example, we can provide Japanese style Bathroom (Ofuro). Japanese bathrooms are wet-rooms, so you can spray […]

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  • Japan Homes Standard Entrance Wardrobe

      2017/09/30    Interior Design インテリアデザイン

    Hi there, We have developed our standard entrance wardrobe design to make the entrance space of our homes more convenient to use. (日本語訳下にあります) Japan Homes Standard Wardrobes We have three types of wardrobes that you can choose to fit in your house entrance and that provide for storing your shoes, jackets, umbrellas or any other necessary things with easy and quick access to these. All of these have shelves for shoes and space for boots or any larger items at the bottom. Also there is a mirror behind the wardrobe door for checking yourself before going out. For Type B and C there is a hanger bar in large space on the right side and you can hang up jackets and put on umbrellas. Type […]

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  • Fireplace Plan

      2017/09/02    Interior Design インテリアデザイン

    Good day everyone!! We have a renovation project in Northshore and our client wants to install a modern fireplace in the lounge so we have prepared a fireplace plan. (日本語訳下にあります) Type Of Fireplace To Install Here is the type of fireplace we are thinking to install. That has a stylish modern look and is operated by GAS. What is good is you can see actual fire that looks like burning wood logs. The owner wants to install it in a new box wall and also put a TV above the fireplace on the wall like this: And build a bench seat on one side of the wall. That looks lovely, isnt it? Fireplace Plan These types of fireplace are safe to install and use but […]

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