• GAS or Electricity For Hot Water Supply? 09/02/2019

      2019/02/09    FAQ よくある質問, Kitchen キッチン, Minor Unit マイナーユニット, New Home 新築, Renovation 改装

    Hi everyone, There are two major options for residential hotwater heating system: Gas continuous flow Electric hot water cylinders I am going to describe the pros and cons of these systems to help you decide which one to go when you build a new home or do renovation.   Gas continuous flow Advantage Good option if you already use reticulated gas for space heating, and want to continue this The heating system is installed outside. No space is required inside (this is a big advantage for a limited sized home) Endless hotwater supply. Be Careful you will have to pay a fixed charge for reticulated gas supply (if you don’t already) If gas mains are not nearby your property LPG bottles are needed and space […]

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      2018/03/28    Interior Design インテリアデザイン, Kitchen キッチン, Renovation 改装

    Wanting A New Kitchen & Bathroom? (日本語訳下にあります) When you are thinking about renovation or new home, I guess these are the most exciting points. Open kitchen or traditional kitchen? Wider and modern bathroom that you can feel comfortable to use everyday? Japan Homes set our “Standard” with the 10-year construction knowledge and good relationships with our suppliers, adding the current trends. Especially for kitchens and bathrooms, we put our best efforts to design beautiful and functional layouts and select polished quality items. To show our precious customers how the standard actually look like, we gathered the collections.   The main colors are White & White, Grey and White & Black which are always popular so won’t be obsolesced. As an accent color, wood materials can […]

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  • Japan Homes’ Kitchen Renovation Examples 24/02/2018

      2018/02/24    Kitchen キッチン

    We have had lots of kitchen renovation in our history and would like to share a few of our works with you today. (日本語訳下にあります) (下面有中文的翻译) Japan Homes’ Kitchen Renovation Here is one renovation example. Old New This is high-grade kitchen reno, a part of the whole house renovation described in our gallery. Another example. Old New This is affordable kitchen reno but its quality and design is very good (see our gallery). One more example. Old New We can do a various types of kitchen to suits your needs and wants. Black and White (see our gallery) Wooden (See our gallery) Island (See our gallery) Appliances We usually install Bosch appliances in our kitchen.   Kitchen Design We care very much about the functionality of […]

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  • Work Sequence OF Cooking

      2017/11/05    Kitchen キッチン

    Hi All, Japan Homes Kitchens are designed to help your easy and quick cooking by optimizing the work sequence of cooking. (日本語訳下にあります) (下面有中文的翻译) Work Sequence Of Cooking The work sequence describes the order of 5 main activities for cooking: Store: Unloading and unwrapping of food, storing in a fridge Wash: Washing, Peeling, chopping, dishwashing Prepare: Weighing, Mixing, Preparing For Cooking Cook: Boiling, Frying, Grilling, Baking, Roasting Serve: Dishing Up Food, Keeping Food Hot, Storing Cutlery You must follow this sequence to complete your cook before eating. Japan Homes Kitchen Design Our kitchen design reflects the above sequence. The below is our kitchen design for a new home being built in the central Auckland. We place each appliance/space in the order to minimize the movement of […]

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  • Japan Homes Standard Specifications

      2017/10/07    Interior Design インテリアデザイン, Kitchen キッチン, The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり

    Hi there, We have updated our standard specifications for our home build and now you can check these on our website. (日本語訳下にあります) Today I would like to tell you how is our specs different from most construction companies’ specs in NZ. Japan Homes Standard Specifications Point 1: We Provide Best Finishing and Fixtures From Our 12-Year Experience For years we have researched what are the best fittings and finishing details for our clients home in term of their quality, functionality, cost, work and installation time, availability, warranty and impact on the environment, and finally confirmed our best selections in 2017.   Point 2: We Provide Japanese Style Interior For example, we can provide Japanese style Bathroom (Ofuro). Japanese bathrooms are wet-rooms, so you can spray […]

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  • Japan Homes Standard Kitchen With Full of Careness

      2017/04/16    Kitchen キッチン, New Home 新築, Renovation 改装

    Comfortable & Affordable – this is our motto for clients happiness. Japan Homes have own finishing selections for New Homes. We have been trying to select the best items from best suppliers for years, thinking about our clients smiles. Today I want to introduce you some of the selections. For the person who stays the longest at home, one of the main things to think is a Kitchen. As I am mother of a son, I always love to discuss a kitchen plan with clients, see how each kitchen is made together at the end and imagine how my kitchen in the future will be. A Kitchen consists of many components such as, most importantly its layout, colors, benchtop, cabinets, sink, water tap, appliances, splashback, […]

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