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Bedroom: 5
Bathroom: 3
Toilet: 1
Study: 1
Garage: 2
Total Floor Area: 240㎡
Building Footprint: 11m x 16m


This premium design home aims to support various kinds of family activities inside that are normally done outside. The large central hall connects the kitchen, dining and living to the garage through itself to enable these to be one continuous space where you can do anything you want such as gardening, exercise, playing with a large pet, a party, hanging up clothes, etc. despite wet and cold weather outside.

The tall windows of the multi-functional hall lets a plenty of sunlight come inside to warm up the entire house in winter; in summer the windows and skylights can be open to let the nice breeze in to cool it down.

The kitchen can easily serve to the hall through the window above the counter top (e.g. when having a party) and a mum or dad in the kitchen easily notices when their child comes back home.

Because of facing the hall people can easily recognize what is going on in the hall from bedrooms.

With the central hall as well as the study, utility, Japanese style bathroom and timber deck at backyard this home will realize your wonderful family life.