• Insulation and Smoke Alarms for All Rental Properties

      2015/07/20    NZ Property NZの不動産

    Housing Minister Nick Smith announced plans  to strengthen residential tenancy laws, including requirements for landlords to provide smoke alarms and insulation. We will tell you the important two things in this blog today.   1.All rental properties must be insulated by July 2019, though exemptions apply to properties where it is physically impractical to retrofit insulation. What are the Insulation standards? Ceiling insulation (minimum thickness of 70 mm) must cover all applicable habitable spaces (i.e. spaces used for daily activities), excluding spaces required around downlights and flues (another property immediately above counts as ceiling insulation) A suspected subfloor must have underfloor insulation in reasonable condition, covering all applicable habitable spaces (a concrete slab counts as underfloor insulation, as does a garage or another property immediately […]

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