• New Auckland Unitary Plan / オークランド ユニタリープラン

      2016/08/28    Auckland Unitary Plan オークランド ユニタリー プラン

    Hope you have a great day!! Recently the new Auckland Unitary Plan has been announced. This new plan enables more dense residential development across Auckland. (日本語の文章は下段にあります↓) Residential Zoning Type The sum of the rules of the plan is that the closer to a town centre the area is, the more dense residential development is allowed. In the zoning map of South Auckland you see the town centre is indicated in purple color in the middle and the zoning type gradually changes as it goes further from the town centre. Here is the zoning type. You see the flow of the zoing type: Town centre→Terrace Housing&Apartment (the densest zoning)→Mixed Housing Urban (2nd densest)→Mixed Housing Suburban (3rd)→Single House (4th). The zoning types are affected by access to […]

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