• Caring Small Detail Is Important For Good Concrete Work!!

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    Hi Readers, Always thanks for visiting my blog!! To provide good quality build work, a builder mast pay attention to a tiny work detail and carefully have it done. Otherwise, the work is not able to be complete and required a lot of time and cost for repair. This is why we Japan Homes are so much focused on tiny little work details. Example: Terrible Finishing of Concrete Retaining Wall The above photo shows the bad finishing of the top of the concrete retaining wall. What happened is the concrete wall builder wanted to save time and lavour for the concrete work and just had the work done quickly without following the proper work process. Eventually, the most part of the top part of the […]

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  • Japan Homes’ Build Work Policy

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    Hi all, Thanks a lot for visiting us!! Please enjoy reading and get to know something about our company (^_^*)   >>>Please visit us at:  Trademe Japan Homes Builder Page   Trademe Japan Homes Design Page   Providing Comfortable Homes By Taking Care Of Small Things “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” ― Vincent van Gogh We love this quotation from van Gogh because also believe that by accumulating good small work we will be able to achieve to complete a satisfying big job for our clients.   Example: A Small Piece of Driveway Concrete  Japan Homes recently has finished a renovation work for a property in Northshore and, as part of our work, we have filled […]

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  • Japan Homes’ Way To Save Building Cost

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    Hi Readers!! Always thanks for visiting our blog!! Do you know what has the largest impact on the cost for building work? Material? Labour?? Design??? The answer is….. labour!! However, labour cost highly depends on working time so we actually have to save contractors’ work time if we want to save labour cost. For example, let’s think about hiring a painter. If her labour cost is $200/day and you ask to work for 5 days you may have to pay $1,000. However, if she can quickly finish the same job in 3 days you will only need to pay $600. >>>>Trademe Japan Homes Builder Page>>>>Trademe Japan Homes Design Page>>>> Japan Homes Way To Save Time 1 Critical Path We put all our energy into scheduling. […]

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