2016/10/23    Auckland Unitary Plan オークランド ユニタリー プラン, The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり ,

    Hi all, Hope you have a great long Labour day weekend. (下面有中文的翻译)/(日本語訳下にあります)   The new Auckland Unitary Plan allows your land to be subdivided into much smaller lots than before, however, the new home design for these small lots will be completely different from those designed for the house in a standard section size (e.g 600m2). So Japan Homes is preparing more than 20 different new home plans specifically designed for small to medium size subdivided sections to make sure that people can still live comfortably in these sections. We are good at designing small but functional homes because we are from crowded Japan where there are lots of tiny little houses nicely designed!! Examples Of Japan Homes New Home Plans Here are a couple […]

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  • Caring Small Detail Is Important For Good Concrete Work!!

      2016/06/06    Site Work Progress 工事進捗, The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり , ,

    Hi Readers, Always thanks for visiting my blog!! To provide good quality build work, a builder mast pay attention to a tiny work detail and carefully have it done. Otherwise, the work is not able to be complete and required a lot of time and cost for repair. This is why we Japan Homes are so much focused on tiny little work details. Example: Terrible Finishing of Concrete Retaining Wall The above photo shows the bad finishing of the top of the concrete retaining wall. What happened is the concrete wall builder wanted to save time and lavour for the concrete work and just had the work done quickly without following the proper work process. Eventually, the most part of the top part of the […]

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