• Checking Color Options For Existing Timber Flooring

      2016/06/12    The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり , ,

    Hi All, How is your weekend going on? (For Japanese writing please see below) This is the last post for the trilogy of caring tiny little work. The priviuos two posts are here Caring Small Detail Is Important For Good Concrete Work!! JAPAN HOMES’ BUILD WORK POLICY Example: Color Options for Timber Floor Polishing We Japan Homes always want to make sure that our client can confirm finishing quality of our work. Recently, we have a big renovation project for a classical house in East of Auckland. Because this house has great natural timber flooring that is a typical characteristic of an old house, the owner wants to keep the flooring and ask us to polish to revive its authentic quality. (these stains can be […]

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  • Japan Homes’ Way To Save Building Cost

      2016/05/07    Site Work Progress 工事進捗, The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり , ,

    Hi Readers!! Always thanks for visiting our blog!! Do you know what has the largest impact on the cost for building work? Material? Labour?? Design??? The answer is….. labour!! However, labour cost highly depends on working time so we actually have to save contractors’ work time if we want to save labour cost. For example, let’s think about hiring a painter. If her labour cost is $200/day and you ask to work for 5 days you may have to pay $1,000. However, if she can quickly finish the same job in 3 days you will only need to pay $600. >>>>Trademe Japan Homes Builder Page>>>>Trademe Japan Homes Design Page>>>> Japan Homes Way To Save Time 1 Critical Path We put all our energy into scheduling. […]

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