• What Kind Of Additional Bedroom Do You Like?

      2016/07/03    The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり , ,

    Hi All, Hope you guys are doing well in these cold days. Recently we have a client in central-south of Auckland who has asked us to put an additional bedroom to their newly built home. We are very much excited with their offer and would like to share our design proposal here. (日本語の文章は下段にあります) Our Proposal The client wants to add around 17m2 bedroom to the existing ground floor living room and below is our proposal. We would like this new bedroom to be a comfortable guest room with some study room features. Floor Plan Perspective 1 Perspective 2 Top View Special Design Features Japan Homes Provide 1 Featured Internal Door for the guest to be welcomed to the room 2 Horizontal Wide Window for daylight […]

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  • Creating Unique Furniture Using Recycled Materials!!

      2016/06/26    The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり , , ,

    Hi Everyone, Thanks a lot for visiting our blog. We love creating unique pieces of furniture using recycled materials. (For Japanese writing see at the bottom) Mini-kitchen cabinets and its side wall Recycled Materials When demolish a part of an old house for a renovation project, there will be often lots of good materials found such as timber flooring and frame. Normally, these materials are thrown away but we want to keep these and reuse for the newly renovated space because some of these materials are of good quality and so rare that they are very hard to obtain nowadays. Examples We have an old house renovation project going on in East of Auckland at the moment and we have found great timber materials during […]

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