PAUP: Minor Unit Is Possible In Single-House Zoning

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Hi All,

In Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP) if your land is in Single-House zone you may not be able to subdivide it or build another new home if the land is less than 1,200m2

However, if the land is more than 600m2 you can:

1 Build a minor unit dwelling (60m2) in your land

2 Make a part of the existing house another dwelling unit (30m2)


Building a minor unit is a lot cheaper and faster than subdivide and build a new home so actually a very good investment option if you think about rental income.

Please let us know if you are interested in this option.


(Please note that PAUP has not been fully determined yet. It is said to be operative in October)

Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP)ではシングル ハウス ゾーンでは、敷地面積が1,200m2以下ですと基本的に土地分割も別の住宅を新築する事もできません。


1 グラニーフラット(Minor Unit:総床面積60m2以下)を敷地内に建てる

2 既存建物内に別のユニット(Dwelling Unit:30m2以下)を増設できる。






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I love architecture and design so much that I have been to so many buildings and places around the world such as Sydney Opera House in Sydney, CCTV building in Beijing, Empire State Building in New York, Royal Palace in Bangkok, Houryu-Ji in Nara, etc. However, the residential building attracts me the most. For nearly 10 years I have visited heaps of local and historical homes around New Zealand which I feel the builders’ great workmanship as well as occupants’ life.

From this experience my aim is to design and provide the comfortable and affordable houses with the spirit of Japanese workmanship that people enjoy and improve their quality of life.

In this blog I write my everyday experience of work to show what is a designer’s work and how it goes at Japan Homes.

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