What Japan Homes will do in 2016 2016年のジャパンホームズのすること

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As I shared the government plan that they will raise the Auckland population, I think we construction companies need to focus on supply of “Comfortable and Affordable” houses. Mainly the house development will be new builds, but also renovation for old houses that no one can likely live or land subdivision such as one to 3 titles will be useful activities.
Japan Homes have been proceeding a land development plan that our own 2000m2 land in South Auckland will be subdivided to 8 titles and we will build new “Comfortable and Affordable” houses. In our plan, the Resource consent will be approved by April and the land subdivision will be completed by August.



Meanwhile we are planning another land development in Hamilton where has become a popular place as it’s close to Auckland and liveable. This is 400 units of house development including a rest homes and we think the skills and ideas we achieved will work effectively and be linked to shortening of working hours and cost-down for development in Auckland too.
Regarding to renovation service, as of January 2016, we have been constructing for 4 projects, which contract amount is 1.5 million in total. They have been proceeding well and half of the projects will completed by the end of this month. These two projects are offered by customers who currently live in other countries, and they will move in the fresh renovated houses when we finished construction.


For new renovation projects from February we have got 3 new customers’ offers, which contract amount is $500,000 in total. Also we are to start renovation for our own property in North Shore, and its completion will be within February then we will sell it on March and deliver it on April.
As Maintenance service, free inspections have been provided for our existing customers this month. For example we repaired some plaster cracks at a new house that we have done 5 years ago, and also applied lubricant to doors, these are all free. Our customers’ pressures are our pressures. We are really happy to see their satisfactions. This service is essential to keep good relationships with our customers for 100 years.
From the end of the year, the number of our employees raised to 10 and they work very well for Japan Homes. As we have got about 30 of subcontractors, we need to clarify each department such as sales and development, site managing, marketing, HR and accounts, and to recognise each roll and desirable forms. It will be a wonderful year 2016 for sure.

先日、自分のブログでも紹介したが今後もニュージーランド、オークランドでは人口を増加する政府計画があり、それに伴い、建設会社もAffordable and Comfortable の住宅の供給に力を入れていく必要があると自分は考えている。住宅開発には主に新築の開発がメインになるが、それ以外にも、誰も住めないような古い住宅をリフォームし命を吹き入れて住宅にすること、または、大きな1つの土地を3分割などにすることも住宅供給の役に立つ活動になる。


新築の土地開発は今、現在、自社案件でSOUTHAUCKLAND新築土地開発の案件を進めている。この案件は約2000m2あり、土地を8分割にし、Affordable and Comfortable の住宅を建設する予定である。今年の4月ごろまでには、リソースコンセントの許可が下り、8月ごろには土地分割が完了という構想でいる。また、オークランドに近く、住みやすいということで最近、AUKLANDERに移住先で人気になっているHAMILTON。その近郊で老人ホームを含めた400UNITの土地開発の案件も現在、話し合いを進めている。そこで、築きあげた技術や考え方はAUCKLANDでも有効に働き時間の短縮や開発コストの削減などにつながるだろう。














おか部 雅彦
おか部 雅彦Japan homes Directer
Born in Japan in 1973. At University I learned Japanese History.

After graduation, I worked at a major Dental material company as a top salesman. In 2002 I firstly set my foot on land in New Zealand, and have started to engage in NZ Construction firm since 2004. From the 8 years' experiences at construction sites and sales experiences in Japan, I devote myself to satisfy customers from consultation to construction and after care services.

Within the first 4 years after the foundation, half of Japan Homes' customers were similar ages of mine. So that their life environment such as a number of children were also similar to mine therefore I was able to understand the customers' situations and wants more. Meanwhile there are also many customers of my father's generation, which is always appreciated because I can learn lots of good things from them.

We try our best to provide services that you satisfy, such as schedule, quality and after care service.

"I can trust you with any projects." "You are the man who I can rely on when I am in trouble." I enjoy working to get these words more times and to create as more smiles as possible.

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