Work Quality Is Determined By Preparation / 仕事の9割は段取りで決まる!

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この考えはJapan Homesも共有し、工期を守り、可能な限り早く終わらせることを最重要に考えている。



1 前工程

2 後工程


1 前工程







2 後工程











90% Of Work Is Determined By Preparation

There is a saying in Japan that if you see how a builder prepare, you can see his or her overall skills.
Preparation skills are more important than tool handling skills.
We Japan Homes share the same idea and to us the most important thing is to keep the deadline and finish work as quick.


There are two types of Construction Scheduling

1 MAEKOTEI (Preparation of Work)

2 ATOKOTEI (Preparation of After Work)



Mekoutei is preparation stage at which we prpare with our subs to prepare the whole process of work.
It is only preparation but the most important because the quality of the whole project outcome is determined at this stage.
So we focus on the preparation work with our highest level of energy and strongest passion.
As a result, everyone will be happy as the subs can work smoothly without hustle and the owner satisfied with the quick completion of the project.



We think about the work schedule after one work is finished.
At construction site many workers think that once their work is complete everything will be over.
However, their work quality is determined after it is complete.
You have to think about your work schedule in terms of how smoothly you can make the subsequent work.
For instance, if the worker, who comes to work after you, can work smoothely with an extra day, you may want to finish your work one day earlier.
In Japanese culture, there is such an attitude to care about each other who work together, and Japan Homes is proud of possessing this attitude.
The point is how happily and smoothly the subs can work with us, and how satisfied our client can be with keeping the deadlines.
In sum, “Omotenashi” spirit is the most important for construction scheduling and preparation.



おか部 雅彦
おか部 雅彦Japan homes Directer
Born in Japan in 1973. At University I learned Japanese History.

After graduation, I worked at a major Dental material company as a top salesman. In 2002 I firstly set my foot on land in New Zealand, and have started to engage in NZ Construction firm since 2004. From the 8 years' experiences at construction sites and sales experiences in Japan, I devote myself to satisfy customers from consultation to construction and after care services.

Within the first 4 years after the foundation, half of Japan Homes' customers were similar ages of mine. So that their life environment such as a number of children were also similar to mine therefore I was able to understand the customers' situations and wants more. Meanwhile there are also many customers of my father's generation, which is always appreciated because I can learn lots of good things from them.

We try our best to provide services that you satisfy, such as schedule, quality and after care service.

"I can trust you with any projects." "You are the man who I can rely on when I am in trouble." I enjoy working to get these words more times and to create as more smiles as possible.