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Hi there,

I have visited the Hamilton Gardens during Easter Holiday, which is a spiritual place for me, especially the Japanese garden.


What I Felt In Japanese Garden

On the visit of the Gardens I looked thorough the Italian and Indian garden and finally reached the Japanese garden where I felt something special, like feeling the universe.

When I was looking at the Japanese garden from inside the garden house with the low-hang eaves I understood the concept of the Japanese garden which the garden is a part of the universe.

(Japanese Garden in Hamilton Gardens)

(Looking the Japanese Garden from inside the garden house)

It is like seeing the outside world from within the tiny self.

Compared to the whole universe myself is a tiny existence.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

I somehow thought about Toyotomi Hideyoshi,  who was a samurai of the Sengoku period in Japan in the 16th century and is regarded as Japan’s second “great unifier” (see more detail).

The word ”Smart Luck”comes from his given name Hideyoshi(秀吉) meaning smart luck in Japanese.
Why could he unify Japan in that period without being born in a great samurai family or fortune?

He was just a peasant.  
However, people with great talent gathered around him and they helped him reach his goals.

So the most important thing for him was that he knew how to use those great people with various cultural backgrounds.

Apparently his greatest talent was in human resource management.

You do not have to have much fund and efforts to motivate people around you.

6 Things For Human Resource Management

I have just listed up what I could do rightaway for my human resource management.

  1. Basically, I must be sincere with what I do.
  2. Do not command to those people who I work with. Try to listen to their voices and show my respect to their ideas.
  3. If I need them to do what they do not like to do I should ask them to do it with my support.
  4. “Just do it!” does not work. Try listen to their speaking to the end. Focus more on the process than the result.
  5. Do not stop their speaking. If I need to say something contradictory to their opinion I will do so after listening to their speaking to the end.
  6. Do not say they are not good enough. They know their performance are not very satisfying so these words might really hurt them. Try to think about how I can do to let them enjoy working. Compare their current performance with the past to see how much they have improved.

Thanks for reading.


SMARTLUCK (秀吉)流 人心活用法



Hamilton GardenではITALIAN庭園やインド庭園などを見たが、
やはりJAPANESE GARDENに行くとやはり、身が引き締まる。

(Japanese Garden in Hamilton Gardens)


(Looking the Japanese Garden from inside the garden house)






2、 上からの言い方をしない、丁寧に話を聞く。「わかるよ」「そうだよね」と大きくうなずく。







おか部 雅彦
おか部 雅彦Japan homes Directer
Born in Japan in 1973. At University I learned Japanese History.

After graduation, I worked at a major Dental material company as a top salesman. In 2002 I firstly set my foot on land in New Zealand, and have started to engage in NZ Construction firm since 2004. From the 8 years' experiences at construction sites and sales experiences in Japan, I devote myself to satisfy customers from consultation to construction and after care services.

Within the first 4 years after the foundation, half of Japan Homes' customers were similar ages of mine. So that their life environment such as a number of children were also similar to mine therefore I was able to understand the customers' situations and wants more. Meanwhile there are also many customers of my father's generation, which is always appreciated because I can learn lots of good things from them.

We try our best to provide services that you satisfy, such as schedule, quality and after care service.

"I can trust you with any projects." "You are the man who I can rely on when I am in trouble." I enjoy working to get these words more times and to create as more smiles as possible.