Your Peace Of Mind Is Most Important 30/03/2019

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Hi All,

I have summarised here common causes of people’s stress during their new construction project:

  1. Delay In Schedule
  2. Unexpected Extra Costs
  3. Not Smooth Communication with Contractors & Consultants
  4. No After Sales Services
  5. Designer and/or Consultant’s Inefficacy in Planning, Problem Solving and Project Management

In some cases it seems to me that people pay a lot of money for a highly stress project due to these hassles.

First Priority Is Your Peace Of Mind

If you decide on a high-priced project, first of all, I think it is good to consider the priority of your peace of mind.

Many people pursue the cheapest option for their new home build but this often causes lots of stress on you so just be careful.

For example, some people chooses business or first class seats when take an airplane.
The visible difference between business class and economy class may be just large seating space, a little better facilities and so on, so there is not much difference in appearance.
The time you are on board is basically the same.
However, those people seem to value services that are not visible.
Namely, they buy first boarding, large seat space for their work and higher levels of service for stress-free time.

Building a new home would be similar.

However, that doesn’t mean that everything should be expensive.

It sounds a bit contradictory but I recommend that you try to search for a company that “offers business class service for economy class rate”.

In summary, when you consider to build your new home I recommend:

  1. to understand the importance of invisible services for your own ease
  2. to decide how much cost you can afford for such services


Thank you for reading.


おか部 雅彦
おか部 雅彦Japan homes Directer
Born in Japan in 1973. At University I learned Japanese History.

After graduation, I worked at a major Dental material company as a top salesman. In 2002 I firstly set my foot on land in New Zealand, and have started to engage in NZ Construction firm since 2004. From the 8 years' experiences at construction sites and sales experiences in Japan, I devote myself to satisfy customers from consultation to construction and after care services.

Within the first 4 years after the foundation, half of Japan Homes' customers were similar ages of mine. So that their life environment such as a number of children were also similar to mine therefore I was able to understand the customers' situations and wants more. Meanwhile there are also many customers of my father's generation, which is always appreciated because I can learn lots of good things from them.

We try our best to provide services that you satisfy, such as schedule, quality and after care service.

"I can trust you with any projects." "You are the man who I can rely on when I am in trouble." I enjoy working to get these words more times and to create as more smiles as possible.