Northshore New Home Project #1 Has Been Complete!!

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We have just completed the new minor dwelling unit that I have recently updated a post about.

Now I can compare the original Building Consent (BC) plan with what is actually built.


Below are the BC drawing showing how the exterior of this building is supposed to look and the photos of the new building.

North and East Facade

You see the actual building and the BC plans look same, except for the gas infinity location where we moved close to the kitchen for a quicker supply of hotwater to the kitchen than the original position.

South and West Facade

The ground is not finished for landscaping but the new building and BC plans look same as well.

We usually stick to BC plans for construction of course, but sometimes change small detail if we have a better idea which does not need any approval from the council such as the gas infinity location.


Below is the BC floor plan.

And Kitchen, Dinning and Lounge.

This is a nice open plan layout that does not feel too narrow even in such a small house.

This is how actual store space in the middle of the plan look.


Nice contrast of the laminated timber flooring and white tiles.

BC plans normally do not specify finishing detail so we decided together with the owner what materials have been used.

Bedroom 1

Its got a relatively large wardrobe.

Bedroom 2

Looks a bit small but large enough as a single bedroom.

Finishing details are normally not specified in BC plans but very important because they determine how the building actually feels so we normally take sufficient time to discuss this with our client before construction begins.

Thanks for reading.



以前別の記事で紹介したグラニーフラット(Minor Unit)ですが、最近ついに完成しました!

今回はBuilding Consent (BC)図面と、実際に建てられた建物を簡単に比較してみます。







私達は通常BC図面通りに施工しますが、ガス給湯器の場所など、City Councilの承認を必要としないもっと良いアイディアがあれば、細かい部分を変更することもあります。
















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I love architecture and design so much that I have been to so many buildings and places around the world such as Sydney Opera House in Sydney, CCTV building in Beijing, Empire State Building in New York, Royal Palace in Bangkok, Houryu-Ji in Nara, etc. However, the residential building attracts me the most. For nearly 10 years I have visited heaps of local and historical homes around New Zealand which I feel the builders’ great workmanship as well as occupants’ life.

From this experience my aim is to design and provide the comfortable and affordable houses with the spirit of Japanese workmanship that people enjoy and improve their quality of life.

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