Japan Homes New Home Build: After-Sale Services

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We Japan Homes build new homes like these shown below.

(Below: One of Our New Home Plans)

What is good with us is that we can offer strong after-sale services such as The 10 Master Build Guarantee and Free Annual Inspections.

Japan Homes After-Sale Services

The 10 Year Master Build Guarantee

This guarantee is to protect your fund during the construction when it goes wrong somehow and also to make sure that you stay at the new home comfortably without problems after the completion.

This guarantee covers:

  • Loss of Deposit and Non-Completion of construction
  • Defects in Materials and Defects in Workmanship, and Structural Defects
  • Rot and Fungal Decay Cover (leaky building)

See more details – The Master Build 10 Year Standard Guarantee


Free Annual Inspections

This is our own unique service.

After the completion we come to your home once a year and check all of its important parts to see if there is any problem. Even if we see a problem that is not covered by The 10 Master Build Guarantee, we will fix it.

(Below is another example of our new home design)


If you are interested in or have any questions regarding our new home build services please feel free to contact us via email or free call.

We also offer:

a free skype consulation both in Japanese and English

a free booklet about building a new home

a free New Home Seminar on Saturday April 29


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ジャパンホームズでは新築工事の際「The 10 Master Build Guarantee 」や「毎年の無料点検」などのアフター・サービスを提供致します。


The 10 Master Build Guarantee



  • 工事前払い代金(デポジット)と工事が未完に終わった場合の資金の保護
  • 建材、施工、構造不良
  • 腐食やカビ発生(雨漏り)

詳細はこちらから確認できますーThe Master Build 10 Year Standard Guarantee(英語)



これは私たち自身によるユニークなサービスです。 工事完了後、毎年一回お宅を訪問させて頂き、建物の各部分が問題がないかどうかを確認します。 The 10 Master Build Guaranteeでカバーされていない問題があっても迅速に補修致します。



a free skype consulation both in Japanese and English

a free booklet about building a new home

a free New Home Seminar on Saturday April 29



Amazon OkuchiArchitectural Designer
Qualification: Degree of Architecture Studies and Graduate Diploma of Psychology (University Of Auckland) ; 2nd Grade Cad Technician (Japan)
Family: Extremely lovely wife, wonderfully kind mother in low, awesomely hardworking chickens, surprisingly lazy cat and unbelievably naughty dog.

I love architecture and design so much that I have been to so many buildings and places around the world such as Sydney Opera House in Sydney, CCTV building in Beijing, Empire State Building in New York, Royal Palace in Bangkok, Houryu-Ji in Nara, etc. However, the residential building attracts me the most. For nearly 10 years I have visited heaps of local and historical homes around New Zealand which I feel the builders’ great workmanship as well as occupants’ life.

From this experience my aim is to design and provide the comfortable and affordable houses with the spirit of Japanese workmanship that people enjoy and improve their quality of life.

In this blog I write my everyday experience of work to show what is a designer’s work and how it goes at Japan Homes.

Any comments or questions are very welcome.
Please let me know!