• Long Run Metal VS Asphalt Shingle Roofing 22/02/2019

      2019/02/22    Environmental Issues 環境保護, Minor Unit マイナーユニット, New Home 新築, Renovation 改装

    Hi all Long Run Metal Roofing and Asphalt Shingle are the two major roofing materials for our new homes. I am going to describe the pros and cons of these materials.   ASPHALT SHINGLE Advantages -Cheaper to install than Long Ran Metal Roofing -Easy & Quick Installation → Shorten your new home construction period -Solid plywood underlay provides strength to the building and weathertightness -Quiet → Not noisy when rain hitting the roof -Dents to be unlikely to happen -Low Maintenance -Raccoons, Rodents, Pests, and Wild Animals Proof → No gap between each asphalt tile and plywood underlay does not allow them to enter inside the roof (Asphalt Shingle Construction) Disadvantage -Not highly eco friendly. Asphalt is a semi-solid form of petroleum. -Can be damaged in […]

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      2019/02/17    New Home 新築

    Hi All, We have a new home design that is actually going to be built in South Of Auckland and is based on Houryuji, one of our standard new home plans. Original Houryuji Design Our client wanted to build Houryuji on a subdivided section in a newly development area they have recently bought. Original Houryuji Ground Floor Plan First Floor Plan However, we could not use the original design which conflicts the section’s development rules so we had to modify the design. Houryuji #2 Here is the revised design Perspective Views The development rules state that the garage must not project forward of the front façade of a dwelling so we have changed the entire floor layout as below. Ground Floor Plan First Floor Plan […]

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  • GAS or Electricity For Hot Water Supply? 09/02/2019

      2019/02/09    FAQ よくある質問, Kitchen キッチン, Minor Unit マイナーユニット, New Home 新築, Renovation 改装

    Hi everyone, There are two major options for residential hotwater heating system: Gas continuous flow Electric hot water cylinders I am going to describe the pros and cons of these systems to help you decide which one to go when you build a new home or do renovation.   Gas continuous flow Advantage Good option if you already use reticulated gas for space heating, and want to continue this The heating system is installed outside. No space is required inside (this is a big advantage for a limited sized home) Endless hotwater supply. Be Careful you will have to pay a fixed charge for reticulated gas supply (if you don’t already) If gas mains are not nearby your property LPG bottles are needed and space […]

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  • KiwiBuild?

      2019/02/04    FAQ よくある質問, New Home 新築, NZ Property NZの不動産

      One year ago, New Zealand’s Kiwibuild program started. We have been often asked if this scheme can be applicable to client’s new home or investment projects. So this blog will explain about Kiwibuild and our advice with builder’s point of view.   What is KiwiBuild? KiwiBuild is part of the Government’s multi-billion dollar work program to deliver 100,000 new homes within the next 10 years. They will do this by working with developers to build more quality, affordable houses, and connecting them with eligible KiwiBuild buyers through a ballot process. The half of 100,000 new homes will be built in Auckland.   Are you eligible? The maximum income one person can earn is $120,000.  For a couple (or more) the eligibility criteria states $180,000.  This is […]

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  • Buy Flat Section For Your New Home 03/02/2019

      2019/02/03    Finance ファイナンス, New Home 新築, NZ Property NZの不動産

    Hi All, If you are thinking to buy a section for your new home I would strongly recommend that you search for a flat section because there could be a huge foundation cost difference between a flat and steep section. Building Foundation For A New Home On Flat Section If you build a new home on a flat section the construction cost of foundation for your new home will be relatively cheap. You can just build a rib raft concrete foundation (concrete slab) overthere and its cost for the standard sized new home could be less than $40,000 – $50,000 (excluding GST and depending on the soil condition)  . Below is the single storey new home Japan Homes recently built. We just put a rib […]

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  • Japan Homes 2019 28/01/2019

      2019/01/28    The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり

    Happy New Year Everyone!! (日本語訳下にあります) At the end of the last year, instead of staying Midsummer in New Zealand, I went back to Japan with family. Every year, I can get stimulated in so many ways during a stay in Japan and learn lots of thing because there are various events before and after the new year’s day.   This year’s theme for our business is “System Creation” We are going to create a new system of how we work.           This is mainly to enhance communication between Japan Homes staff, SUBs and customers, and decision-making process. We are aiming to make the new platform (system) that is useful in all kinds of business situations across the world. This excites me […]

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  • Scores For My Personal Goal Acheivements For 2018 16/12/2018

      2018/12/16    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi All, I am going to score how much I have achieved my one-year personal goals set in the begging of this year as below: Fast Work Help People Around Me Work At Ease Complete Whole Projects From First Meeting With Clients To Completion Of Construction Without Mickey’s (Company Director) Help Gain More Respects From SUBs For Smooth Work Make People & Animals Around Me Happy Get Designer LBP   Scores 1. Fast Work: 60/100 I think I have improved in some area such as quicker response to email than last year and I quickly draw plans for my clients. I also have created several checklists including Building Consent Plans Lodgement checklist that helps me find errors in the plans to reduce the amount of […]

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  • Looking Back To 2018 02/12/2018

      2018/12/02    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    (日本語訳下にあります) To let Japan Homes become more public company we have done these 3 things this year. Company Vision: Made a clearer vision of “Comfortable and Affordable” Marketing: Build Only New Homes Improvement of Work: Do BASIC (Kaizen)   Marketing Now we focus on Customers who want to build an average new home with peace of mind. We rather choose not to take any renovation and minor repair work at this time because we cannot take advantages of our strong points for these types of work. Basically my sales system is Based on the “Dantotsu Koumuten” of Mr. Taira Hidenobu’s book. It is interesting that there is data that the analog way of approaching customers is more successful than the digital approach. I use the […]

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  • Study Meeting For Apprentice Builiders & Site Managers 18/11/2018

      2018/11/18    The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり

    Hi there, We had a very good study meeting for our newcomer builders and site manager last month They had only little experience in these types of field but are very motivated to learn anything related to their work. Our company provides study meeting for them to understand our company policy and to increase their levels of skill and knowledge. Study Meeting Company director Mickey provided lecture for these freshmen at our showhome in Papatoetoe. The lecture included Outline of Company’s Aim, Policy and Business Basics of Builder Work Basics of Site Mangement Site Safety Etc. The most important thing we shared during the lecture was the company’s aim and policy. Our aim is to contribute to NZ society by providing comfortable and affordable homes. […]

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  • Lot 1 & Lot 2 10 Glenfield Rd Are Ready For Open Home 03/11/2018

      2018/11/03    Site Work Progress 工事進捗

    Hi All,   Our new home construction at Lot 1 and Lot 2 10 Glenfield Rd is mostly complete and ready for anyone to view. These new homes with finished interior and staging furniture look gorgeous now!! These homes are on sale now so we are planning to have several open homes this month. The nearest open home is: Lot 1: Sunday 4 Nov 10:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m Lot 2: Sunday 4 Nov 1:00pm – 1:30pm Adress: 10 Glenfield Road Birkenhead Northshore If you are interested in purchasing or building a new home it is worth visiting to view inside.   For more info you can visit: Lot 1: Link Lot 2: Link   Or you can contact us at: Japan Homes Sales Team Email: […]

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