• Study Meeting For Apprentice Builiders & Site Managers 18/11/2018

      2018/11/18    The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり

    Hi there, We had a very good study meeting for our newcomer builders and site manager last month They had only little experience in these types of field but are very motivated to learn anything related to their work. Our company provides study meeting for them to understand our company policy and to increase their levels of skill and knowledge. Study Meeting Company director Mickey provided lecture for these freshmen at our showhome in Papatoetoe. The lecture included Outline of Company’s Aim, Policy and Business Basics of Builder Work Basics of Site Mangement Site Safety Etc. The most important thing we shared during the lecture was the company’s aim and policy. Our aim is to contribute to NZ society by providing comfortable and affordable homes. […]

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  • Lot 1 & Lot 2 10 Glenfield Rd Are Ready For Open Home 03/11/2018

      2018/11/03    Site Work Progress 工事進捗

    Hi All,   Our new home construction at Lot 1 and Lot 2 10 Glenfield Rd is mostly complete and ready for anyone to view. These new homes with finished interior and staging furniture look gorgeous now!! These homes are on sale now so we are planning to have several open homes this month. The nearest open home is: Lot 1: Sunday 4 Nov 10:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m Lot 2: Sunday 4 Nov 1:00pm – 1:30pm Adress: 10 Glenfield Road Birkenhead Northshore If you are interested in purchasing or building a new home it is worth visiting to view inside.   For more info you can visit: Lot 1: Link Lot 2: Link   Or you can contact us at: Japan Homes Sales Team Email: […]

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  • Updates About Current Construction 28/10/2018

      2018/10/28    Site Work Progress 工事進捗

    Hi All,   Here are our updates about ongoing construction in Northshore. 3 New Homes in Birkenhead Lot 1: Glass Balustrades at the front deck is installed. Also Laminated Timber Flooring is installed. Lot 2: Carpet and Floor tiling is done. Also exterior lights are put on. Very close to completion.   Lot 3: Deck Glass balustrades and wardrobe are done. Also close to completion.   These are highly comfortable and affordable homes in Northshore and Lot 1 & 2 are on sale now (Lot 3 has been already sold. Sorry!!) We are preparing for open home soon. For more info please visit here or please contact us. Japan Homes Sales Team Email: info@japanhomes.co.nz Phone: 0800-00-5055 2 New Homes in Northshore Lot 1 : Foundation Piling Work Lot […]

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  • Updates About Current Construction 13/10/2018

      2018/10/13    Site Work Progress 工事進捗

    Hi All, Here are our updates about ongoing construction in Northshore.   3 New Homes in Birkenhead Lot 1: Tiling is going on. Lot 2: Laminated Timber Floor is installed Lot 3: Painting   2 New Homes in Northshore Solid rocks underground ware found and we could not put foundation concrete piles through the rocks so foundation design needed to be slightly changed. Then we could continue to do foundation work. Our foundation builders work very hard, even under rain they dont stop working on site. Thanks to their hardwork and our engineers’ quick work for foundation design change, site work is going on schedule although we needed to stop the foundation work for some time due to the rocks.  

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  • My Article On Gekkan NZ!!

      2018/09/30    Reading Book 読書, weblog, What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi All My article about home renovation is on the 267 edition of Gekkan NZ, the most common Japanese free-paper journal in NZ. In the article I talk about home renovation and pick up a few very important things for those who are thinking about buying an old house and “do up” including: Dont buy a closs-lease property (you might need a permission from the other owner for renovation) Check signs of waterleaking (if the roof/wall is leaking it can be a very costy for fixing) Check if exterior cladding needs to be extensively repaired (you might need to get Building Consent for the repair) I also mention some key points for old house renovation. For example, you might want to think about changing the […]

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  • Updates About Current Construction & Design Projects

      2018/09/22    Site Work Progress 工事進捗

    HI All, We have several on-going new home build and design projects. Construction Projects 3 New Home Development at 10 Glenfield Rd Birkenhead We are building 3 new homes on this site and the construction is going to finish soon (Mid October 2018). Scaffolding has been off now and GIB boards on at all the lots. Two of the houses have completed plastering. These are highly comfortable and affordable homes in Northshore and Lot 1 & 2 are on sale now (Lot 3 has been already sold. Sorry!! For more info please visit here or please contact us. Japan Homes Sales Team Email: info@japanhomes.co.nz Phone: 0800-00-5055   2 New Home Development in Northshore We have just started another new home build recently in Northshore. The land will […]

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  • Master Builder Study Meeting

      2018/09/09    Event イベント

    I recently participated in a study meeting of MASTER BUILDER held at ALEXANDRA PARK. (日本語訳下にあります) The NZ government has changed, but the problem of housing shortage still remains and a question was raised on how to solve this problem in the future. The issues include: Land availability for housing development Finance for home buyers Processing Council Consent Applications (too slow) Infrastructure For Housing Development Skill shortage In order to deal with these issues the government supports “Kiwibuild” programme which aims to enhance: Skill training Immigration Recruiting Finance support for home buyers We Japan Homes also would do something to improve the current housing situation.   By the way, the number of applications for building consent has increased by 75% over the past five years. Also, […]

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  • Road To LBP Designer

      2018/08/27    Others その他, What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi All, I am aiming to get LBP designer in August 2018 and keep learning the skills and knowledge required for the LBP and would like to talk about the example of how I learn Today. E2 Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods As a LBP designer you have to be familiar with Building Code so I am developing knowledge in the Code and the skills to design building construction details compliant with it. For example, there is the clause of Building Code,  “E2 Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods”,  which states how cladding and waterproofing of residential building are achieved (we call it “E2”), and I often refer to E2 to learn and design cladding detail. Below is the metal roof detail that we have designed for […]

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      2018/07/22    Reading Book 読書

    Hi All, There is a very useful journal for professionals in NZ building industry, namely “BUILD”. As a architectural designer I often refer to this journal to check design detail and have learnt a lot from it because its articles are very easy to understand. For example, NZS3604, which provide all construction & design detail of timber residential buildings based on Building Code and the the bible for builders and designers, is very hard to understand, but BUILD can explain the same things step by step in a lot clearer way than NZS3604 with lots of nice drawings like below: (Images from BUILD wbesite by BRANZ) These images explains how to design bracing for residential building. NZS3604 describes the same things but, believe me, BUILD […]

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  • New Zealand Home Loans – Efficient Home Loan Structure

      2018/07/10    Finance ファイナンス

    Have you planned about your actual home loan repayment scenario? Everyone must prefer less interests repayment and to get free to pay off home loan years earlier.   We have many options to choose for home loans. Each case is different so we always ask and listen our clients’ financial plans for dream home projects. And we give a recommendation of best options to suit each situation and requirements.   Today we introduce one of the best home loan schemes in New Zealand. New Zealand Home Loans (NZHL) is 100% New Zealand owned and operated with its parent company being Kiwi Group Holdings Limited (also parent company of Kiwibank). They invented a very efficient repayment system for Kiwi people to debt free faster. The system […]

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