• 160m2 Single Story Affordable Home Design

      2017/07/29    New Home 新築

    Hi All, We have recently created a standard single story new home design that can fit into a narrow section. (日本語訳下にあります)  160m2 Single Story Affordable Home Design This single storey affordable home is designed to fit in a narrow section. Those high windows on the hallway wall provide a plenty of daylight into the space to welcome you at the entrance. The simple open plan kitchen, dining and living with the large timber deck just outside creates a natural flow from the inside to outside. The guest room can be used as a family room, kids space, study or any type of space that meets your family’s needs at different times. All the sanitary space and kitchen are placed on one side in proximity for […]

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  • Thank You Party For Our Clients

      2017/07/23    Event イベント

    Hi All, We had a thank you party for our clients for whom we have just completed a whole house renovation in Northshore. (日本語訳下にあります) Thank You Party At BOWZ We have just completed the renovation which our clients have waited long time. We really appreciate our clients support this project so planned the thank you party for them as well as for our subcontractors who worked very hard for this project. The venue is BOWZ, an excellent Japanese Teppan-Yaki restaurant in Epsom who provides yummy and beautiful food. We are happy that our clients, Japan Homes staff and our subs enjoyed the good moments together that the clients could see who worked for them and subs could see who they worked for. This party was […]

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  • A New Home Plan With A Room For Rent

      2017/07/16    New Home 新築, The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり

    Hi all, We have developed a new home plan that has an ensuite bedroom for rent. (日本語訳下にあります) A Bedroom For Rent For Stable Income This is a 185m2 double story home with a double garage, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 1 toilet and 2 lounges. This is originally designed to be put on a small section like a subdivided section in an urban area. Here is the floor plan. You see the independent guest room at the ground floor with an ensuite bathroom and wardrobe that can be used as a mini-studio and ideal for rent because there is some space in the room for furniture and personal items to place. Moreover, the room is just beside the entrance and has direct access to outside, and its […]

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  • Moving Your House

      2017/07/09    New Home 新築, Others その他

    Hi all, One of our clients in the central Auckland asked a house moving company to move out their existing house from their property to build a new home. The company is going to place the house at another place for reuse. (日本語訳下にあります) Moving The Old House The company first removed the existing foundation of the house on site and put it on their customized trailer. It was very interesting to see because in my experience houses were something that cannot be moved. But they actually can move here in New Zealand. The workers took a few hours to carefully place the house on the trailer. Now it is ready to go. However, because of a high rate of traffic on public road at that […]

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  • Lounge Design Options To Suite Your Lifestyle

      2017/07/01    New Home 新築, The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり

    Hi there, For new home design Japan Homes provides several design options for you to choose to suite your lifestyle. (日本語訳下にあります) Examples Of Lounge Design Options We are currently designing a double story multi-generation house (290m2 floor area) in Northshore where a large family can stay together. Site Plan Lower Floor Plan Upper Floor Plan Because there is some space available in the red marked area we provide several design options for our client to choose to meet their needs. OPTION 1 – Tatami Space  This is our most recommended option. We put tatami mats on the platform to create the space which add Japanese taste to the lounge to create unique living atmosphere. The client may want to invite their friends to their home and have […]

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  • Mickey Cleans Up Build Site Everyday

      2017/06/17    The Way We Work 仕事のこだわり

    Hi there, Our company keeps trying to improve our work performance on site. Mickey, our company director, is enthusiastic to do so using the “5S” method, which was originally created in Japan as a part of “Kaizen” (日本語訳下にあります) 5S Methodology 5S refers to: Sort Set in order Shine (Clean) Standardize Sustain (Keep doing the above actions) If we taking these 5S actions on site all work will go very smoothly and safely as there is no obstacles to work (follow this link if you want to know more detail of 5s) . The point is that every trader on site needs to be involved in doing 5s otherwise its effect will be limited so Mickey go to the sites everyday and teaches 5S to our […]

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  • If Ochiai Was The Director Of A Construction Company

      2017/06/11    What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi there, I think that work is the same as sports. First we decide to climb up mountains, and have passion and spirit against it. This is the sports that I enjoy with my team of people around me now. This group of people is a company, the team manager is a company director and employees are the athletes. (日本語訳下にあります) With this idea I tried to transform the great Japanese baseball player Ochiai’s sayings into the words that well describe the policy of my work. My Remarks On Work With Reference To Ochiai “A person with low ambitions can have only lower achievements” This is my favorite word of his. A person who easily accepts the results that he does not want never becomes the best […]

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  • Japan Homes’ New Northshore Office Is Open!!

      2017/06/04    Others その他

    Hi there, I am glad to announce that we have recently opened our new branch office in Wairau Park, Northshore. (日本語訳下にあります) Japan Homes’ New Northshore Office We have our stylish office on the upper level of the shop building at 16 Link Drive, Wairau Park, Northshore, sharing the floor space with an architect and interior decoration shop. We have chosen this location because there are a lot of suppliers of interior materials such as carpet, timber flooring, lights, tiles, bathroomwares, etc. so it is convenient for our customers to check these materials when they visit our office. Also this location is very close to Tristram exit on the No.1 motorway and has many carparks, easily access from anywhere in Auckland. Basically, there is our staff […]

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  • 10 Pin Bowling Competition!!

      2017/05/28    Event イベント

    Good day!! Japan Homes recently had a 10 pin bowling competition with our clients, sub-contractors and friends. (日本語訳下にあります) 10 Pin Bowling Competition in Wairau Park We like promoting events to make fun moments for people around us. This time we invited a total of 25 guests including our clients, sub-contractors and friends to play 10 pin bowling. Not many people often play 10 pin bowling but everyone seemed to be enjoying playing and had nice moments with people who they had not seen before. The funny thing was that the computer system to record play results sometimes did not function accurately: a player only had 9 pins at one throw and it recorded a strike!! Thanks to this error many people got nice results and […]

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  • Difference Between Japanese And NZ Houses Part 2

      2017/05/21    New Home 新築, What I feel 自分が感じたこと

    Hi all, After entering the school and apprenticeship period, with my knowledge and feeling involved in New Zealand architecture for a total of 13 years, I thought about New Zealanders’ attitude toward home design. (日本語訳下にあります) New Zealand Housing Situation In the past 30 years, the house price doubled every ten years. In the latest years, it has doubled only for about 3 – 4 years. Even if houses become old, if they are nicely renovated, their property value will not decrease. Rather, there are many people who like old houses and appreciate their age and value. Property prices go up due to New Zealand as a diversified investment destination from the world and that this country attracts wealthy people for their children’s study abroad destination. The […]

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